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Wait times

I have been on hold with Shaw for over 12hrs over the last two days. I need to disconnect my service but the only way is over the phone since all main stores are closed due to corona virus isolation. I am being forced to pay for a service I no longer... Read more

Shaw shuts Down it's Loyalty Department!

Well, after 30 minutes yesterday trying to contact anyone at Shaw concerning my expiring Customer loyalty promo on my Internet 300, I was informed that Shaw has Shut down it's Customer Loyalty Department! All options presented to me, by 3 different p... Read more

Help please

I had to switch to telus do to a technical support from one of your techs (who did a horrible job), and my neightbour cut the cable which goes from one side of his house to mine. ( over a 50 yard cable) and I had to call you guys to fix it, and secon... Read more


Remote connection to BlueCurve modem can't be disabled

With remote management over HTTP TCP/8080 and and HTTPS TCP/8181 both disabled I am still able to remotely log into my wireless modem through it's WAN IP address over TCP/443. Port forwarding is also disabled.My Firewall security level is set to "Max... Read more

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BlueCurve parental controls not working.

I have setup the BlueCurve home app and I have created profiles for each of my children. For each of the kids profiles I have turned on parental controls, which are supposed to block inappropriate content. However even with parental controls turned o... Read more

McAfee Anti-virus

I would like to know, why is it , when I want to access McAfee Support , that I am immediately end up in Shaw Support, which is not what I want. Do I have go outside of McAfee , to the web to access their support. If so, this is ridiculous way about ... Read more

Wait Time for Phone Support

What is the real wait time today for phone support? I have been waiting on the phone for just over four hours now with no further indication of where I am in the queue or how much longer. For the service I require the Shaw page indicates that phone i... Read more

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Not impressed!

Shaw wants to charge me early cancellation fee because I’m moving and THEY do not service the area where I’m moving. Sounds kinda ridiculous!! I’m not impressed! I have been with shaw for over 15 years and that’s the thanks I get! Read more

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