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What is this terrible service shaw?

Hi shaw, I am trying to cancel my service. I called in yesterday and waited 4 hours. No agent picked up my callToday, I am 3:30 hours into my wait time. What is wrong with this unrealistic waiting time?Approximate wait time was initially 35-45 minute... Read more

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WOW !!! On hold for over an hour???

Good heavens....what is going on? No chat until September 30, and no one will answer the phone? I've been on hold for an hour, the ridiculous squawbox in the phone message is still telling us to go the "shaw chat" but the website says it's down until... Read more

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Renewing my Shaw McAfee

Hi, I have a notice on my Shaw McAfee that my subscription expires on 14/09/2019 and asking me to BUY now for uninterrupted protection. This has always been a FREE subscription/feature for me with all the years I've been a Shaw customer. Could someon... Read more

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