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Shaw Service Technicians

I can't find a place to put this, and it's not a question, but here it goes anyway!I have been a Shaw customer since they took over from Rogers in the lower mainland. Other than a few glitches with telephone support waits, I am pleased with the servi... Read more

Google Home/Alexa

Consider adding Google Home/Alexa compatibility to Bluesky cable boxes... Has anyone looked at this? My TV's are all Smart and respond to google home commands, but when it comes time to change the channel, I need to pick up the remote. I know, first ... Read more

Transaction fee charge

Hey there, we just recently upgraded to Shaw blu sky and since I’ve got my most recent bill I noticed that Shaw is trying to charge me transaction fees for unreturned equipment. The problem is that the old equipment was returned by the installer who ... Read more

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Extra wrong charges on my Shaw bill

Hi I just received my Shaw invoice and they charged my account an extra almost $4.00 for "late payment" charges. The problem is that my invoice for the last 10 years has been on automatic full payment. When I talked to a Shaw employee they indicated ... Read more

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How do we hide subscribed channels in our guide?

Bluesky: how do I hide channels from my guide (that we don't want to see)? This includes ones that we have subscribed to. I know how to view our "free" ones... but we want to hide some that we are subscribed to but never watch. Used to be able to do ... Read more

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Existing Customer Bundle Offers

As an existing (long time) customer I was trying to see what kind of deals that I can get to upgrade services to Bluesky and Internet 300. I can't seem to see any bundle deals on line, but see good deals for new customers. I have tried to contact the... Read more

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youtube on bluesky question - Profiles ?

Hey there As you know on Bluesky you can use voice search that makes youtube pretty cool.. Some users have youtube profiles set up , for example my wife's is full of make up reviews :eyerolls is there away during the search process to have videos I'm... Read more

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Bluesky and Slingbox 500

I have been told on Chat with Shaw that Bluesky is not at all compatible with Slingbox. Is this true and if not has anyone had any success connecting Slingbox to the Bluesky cable box? Read more

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