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We are currently at our wit’s end with Shaw.  My father (a senior) was to have his landline ported from Telus to Shaw on July 21, 2022 as Shaw offered a better rate. The agent at the time (Arfa VH35) confirmed that we will be able to keep the same landline phone number as before (while with Telus).  The Shaw technician came and did his thing on July 21 and noted that the ported phone number was to be active later that day. 

After seven days without the number reactivated, on July 28 we contacted Shaw again, and this time the agent (Simran WQH0) confirmed it it “processing” and will be ative within 24 hours. 

On July 29 the number still wasn't active, so followed up with Shaw again.  That agent (Rami WMX6) confirmed he spoke with his team, put a priority on, and the number was to be active within a few hours, later that night. He confirmed that this would be "automatic".

Also on July 29 we confirmed with Telus that the number has indeed been ported over to Shaw.  they confirmed that they are not legally allowed to deny requests to port a number, that the number was ported over to Shaw on July 21, and everything has been taken care of on their end.

On July 30 the number still wasn't active (now on day 10 without phone and missing calls for urgent medical appointments), and this time the Shaw agent (Lucas IU97) noted that Telus "denied" the request, which totally contradicts 1) what the previous shaw agents told us, 2) what the Shaw service tech told us, and 3) what Telus confirmed they must abide by for porting numbers.  

So, Shaw is inconsistent and now blaming it back on Telus.  We don't know where else to turn, other than sharing this more publicly and hoping someone will be able to help.  It is crucial that we keep our same phone number (which we've had for over 20 years).  Help!

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I would contact Telus and attempt to get the number porte...

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I would contact Telus and attempt to get the number ported back to them, or, if the port failed, get them to re-activate the line. 

Have you been phoning Shaw or chatting with them?

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