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Topics with Label: Digital Phone Terminal

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Landline phone

My neighbor who has landline phone service through Shaw is required to put a +1 in front of the 250 area code when phoning my cell phone which is also in the 250 area code, why is this required when we both have 250 area codes for our phones and when... Read more


Shaw phone modem services work in USA

I am planning an extended trip in the USA and renting a home that will have an internet signal. I am wondering if I take a spiltter and create an strong internet bandwidth to the Shaw phone modem; if the Shaw Phone Modem will then connect to the Shaw... Read more

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two shaw modems in the same house?

my mother-in-law just moved into a basement suite of a home that uses shaw for their services. she gets very poor cell service and cant switch to a new carrier yet as shes in a contract. is it possible to have a second phone modem in the same house s... Read more

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