Provisioning my Shaw Digital Phone Terminal

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Answer: since you do not have any dial-tone, get Shaw to "re-provision" your Digital Phone Terminal.

Problem: Yesterday, but not the previous day, I had no dial-tone, even when I connected a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Set) directly into the "TEL-1" port on my D.P.T.  Why?

I disconnected the power-cord from the D.P.T., to no effect -- the battery in the D.P.T. was providing backup power. I removed the battery. As expected, all the green-coloured lamps went dark.

I reconnected the battery, and the power-cord. Same pattern of lamps as before -- the bottom lamp was still steadily blinking, about twice per second.

I opened an online-chat to a Shaw Agent, and asked the Agent to remotely logon to my D.P.T.

The Agent said "it is offline" -- yes, a firm grasp of the obvious -- and said that there was nothing else could be done (from Winnipeg).

The Agent scheduled a site-visit by a technician -- 8 AM to 10 AM the next morning. Fast service, especially since I called around 5 PM local.

The technician arrived, and phoned his office, and the office "re-provisioned" the D.P.T. Done! 

[Some grumbling by the technician about the first-level Agents not knowing as much as his contacts did.]

Since the Shaw demarcation box (on my outside wall) probably had not been opened for over 10 years, the technician cut off all the connectors from all the coaxial cables, and crimped-on new connectors -- good preventative maintenance.  Great!

So, why didn't the Shaw Agent, on "chat", try to  "re-provision"?  Bad training ???

Moral of the story: always take the initiative to prompt the Agent to try "reprovisioning", at the start of their check-list of trouble-shooting steps. It is sad to say that the Agent was not trained to do so.

Questions: Did some Shaw employee unwittingly/incorrectly de-provision my D.P.T. ? Why? I am on auto-pay with Shaw, which means that I am not in arrears with my payments. Power-bump, despite having a "whole-house" surge-protector installed, two years ago?

Live (for an average of 4000 weeks) & learn.


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