adding hard drive to system

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Hi Everyone

Have hitron modem. I understand the USB ports are disconnected so you can't connect an external hard drive to the system.

I want to be able to have a central hard drive that folks can access on various computers. On that drive I would put my music that can be accessed through iTunes on each device. Also photos which could be accessed through photos. other than that storage of various files.

I have considered time capsule but I would have to plug that into the back of the router and of course none of the usb plugs work..Very frustrating Shaw..I understand this is not a problem with telus

any help from the forum would be greatly appreciated



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Re: adding hard drive to system

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What you are looking for is called NAS, short for Network Attached Storage.

It will use a network connection rather than a USB connection.

There's ample choice out there, but a good NAS is not cheap.

Pending on what your needs are you might be better served building your own NAS.

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