Another Shaw Outrage

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Shaw totally sucks. Service issues in Esquimalt/View Royal/Cordova Day all day long. Goes down, comes back and keeps repeating over and over. Amazing how issue takes down all 3 services (TV/Phone/Internet).

These clowns are totally unreliable. Keep increasing prices but service is absolute garbage. Reps and entire company has a major attitude. Anytime there's talk of U.S. competition coming to Canada Shaw/Bell/Telus/Rogers all cry like children with sob stories. Ever heard of "open competition" if you can't cut it shouldn't be in business. Canadians are paying top dollar for among slowest internet speed in entire world. Shaw keeps jacking up rates without it even going before a review board. Instead they can just do it finding out of the blue in bill statement "oh btw your bill will be increasing".

Dropping Telus landline in favor Shaw to save abit of $$ was huge mistake.

Another complaint relates to move several yrs ago where Shaw tech showed up on moving day when he wasn't scheduled too.

Few yrs ago when it was mandatory switching to Digital Box Shaw person arrives out throws Digital Box at us "here you go" without explaining about how it works. Had never used one before. He also said VCR wouldn't work with
Digital Box which turned out to be a total lie. To boot, it wasn't even a Shaw tech that came out.

Shaw service is beyond awful. Prices keep increasing with service getting worst and worst. Outrages are happening way too often these days. It doesn't appear $$ from all these price increases going into maintenance or improving service at all. Shaw equipment is pure trash.

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I think you posted this before in this forum so i heard you how it feels, it sucks luckily i have a year and a half to cancel and go back to sasktel and try out their new service call maxtv stream.  i hope it goes fast my contract and try them out.  I hope your day goes well.  

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