Doubling Speeds


Congratulations to Shaw in doubling 150 and 300 speeds. Great achievement. 

Just wondered if anyone considered that now your 15, 30 and 75 tiers are, in proportion,
ridiculously overpriced. My calculations per unit are that the new 150 is now 31 cents a

unit while 75 is 81 cents a unit. the new 300 / 600 much less a unit.  Seems to me that Shaw 
is forgetting other customers in their rush to grab market share.
Yes I know that lower tier folks could join in by just increasing their internet by $20+ a month, but
one should not have to reward Shaw with more money to lessen the rip off...

Sends a VERY poor message to those with lower tier accounts. You probably won't lose customers
over this but it creates an even stronger impression that your
rates are over inflated. It is obvious that providing  greater speed and bandwidth is done at minimal
cost to Shaw.

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