For the past week numerous bell mobility customers have been unable to send email from their shaw accounts with bell mobile data.

All receive the following message: 554 cmsmtp 174.90.223.*** is listed on cloudmark CSI-Global.

The last 3 digits on the ip address change but are all bell ip addresses.

I suspect that the shaw cloudfilter is blocking requests to shaws outgoing mail server from bell ip addresses. Shaw insists the issue is 3rd party email apps and will only guarantee access via webmail.

Email works fine when connected to wifi but will not send on the bell mobility network.  Issue exists using any of  google mail, outlook and Samsung email apps. I think shaw has an issue and isn't willing to address it.

Any other bell mobility/ shaw internet users with shaw email address experiencing this issue?

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-- to block spammers/scamming from using Shaw's mail-serv...

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@BRBob -- to block spammers/scamming from using Shaw's mail-servers, either:

1. your device is connected via your home WiFi through your Shaw cable-modem, which "authenticates" that you are allowed to send to Shaw's mail-server.

2. your mobile device is temporarily connected via any ShawOpen access-point, which again "authenticates" you.

3. will only guarantee access via webmail -- yes, if the user of the mobile device authenticates into Shaw WebMail, the message will be accepted & delivered.

4. you are Internet-connected via any other Internet Service Provider, such as Bell, and your E-mail program has "authentication" enabled. This sends your Shaw E-mail ID and E-mail password to Shaw's E-mail server to authenticate, which then allows you to send to Shaw's mail-server.


Note that the E-mail ID value in the "FROM:" field does not matter. Shaw's mail-server does not check that value.


For those Bell Mobility customers, they should configure their E-mail program's "outgoing SMTP-server" to the name of Bell's mail-server. Bell's mail-server will recognize that they are connected via "data" over Bell's network, and will accept & deliver the E-mail to any ID. Or, as above, the E-mail program can use "authentication", when connecting to Shaw's mail-server.

When I did a lookup for "" and "" and "", all of them seem to be IP-addresses assigned to Bell. What is the complete IP-address? It's not your mobile device's IP-address, so there is no sense in trying to "hide" it.


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Thanks for your response mdk.  This has been driving seve...

Thanks for your response mdk.  This has been driving several of us crazy for a week now. Coworker is going into a shaw store to get some help.
Not trying to hide anything but the 
IP address rotates using a different last sequence with each send request  so  I just provided the first 7 of the address 174.90.233.*** with holding place for final sequence.
 Between myself and some of my coworkers  last 3  of the ip are are:
158, 165, 223, 89 and 207. As you stated, they are all bell addresses when i looked them up. Checked with my family last night and after some testing found  all are having the same issue trying to send via shaw mail over bell isp
Up until last Tuesday there were no issues.  I think there was a major service outage western Canada then but not sure.
Since then email works 100% except when trying to send a message using Bell mobile isp. No issues receiving our mail on bell or any other isp. Outgoing issues only.
Odd that it had worked for several years then issues arose for bell customers last week. Possible changes after outage? 
So, i dont use bell email services and  my outgoing smtp has always been as per shaw instruction:  port 587, tls toggled on and password  for all my email apps.
If I  am understanding your instruction correctly,  the outgoing server setting on my mobile device should be bells outgoing imap server: ??
I reset the outgoing server to bells server with no authentication. No good.
Then reset to shaws imap server, no authentication.  No good . Authentication required.
Toggled on authentication and added password back using 
Now it is  working. Same password and  same settings as always. Not sure what changed but its working.
Thanks for your time.




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