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I have a second IP address enabled from Shaw that I "IP Passthrough" to one of the ports (#2 if it matters) from the Shaw Hitron to a Linksys 1900 ACS router. I know Shaw doesn't support "3rd party" equipment, and my question is NOT about the Linksys, but rather what happens to the remaining 3 ports on the Hitron? I know that in passthrough mode they remain active and usable (as opposed to bridge mode), but I'm wondering if anyone knows if the firewall security measures of the Hitron remain in place on those remaining 3 ports and, if there are any concerns with using them at all? I've called support a couple of times, but they either don't know or just say that they don't support 3rd party setups, even though I'm not asking anything about the Linksys. I know I can "bridge" the Hitroin to the Linksys, but I like the idea of having the extra ports available to hook up additional devices, so long as it is safe to do so and I'm not exposing them directly to the internet. Any advice and input is appreciated - Thanks  

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Re: Hitron IP Passthrough questions


Hey rvthereyet,

With an IP passthrough set up, the three other ports on the Hitron modem are still protected by a firewall. It is recommended to have software on your devices for added protection.


Tony | Community Mod.

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