Ignite WiFi Gateway Gen 3 modem out of stock


Hi support,

I've been a Shaw Internet customer since 2022. When I changed my plan to the 1.5 Gigabit I was promised a new WiFi 6E modem (Ignite WiFi Gateway Gen 3). However, when the technician came to my house, I was told that time that the modem was out of stock. Since then, I contacted customer support a few times already and it's never available. This is frustrating. I have all my devices connected through WiFi and 6E would be very useful here. I can see on the website that this is advertised as a perk of the 1.5 Gigabit plan. Do you guys have a date for this modem to be available again?


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It is not a direct path to Shaw/Rogers Support [1-888-472-2222] which is the fastest path to make contact.

However, I doubt that any "front-line" support agent will be able to answer the "when" question -- it's beyond their training, although they should follow procedure -- "if you cannot immediately answer a customer's question, open a ticket, and escalate the ticket to senior staff who can answer the question". 

Similarly, using Shaw Online Chat is not going to get an immediate/authoritative answer to your "when" question.

Or, while reading this comment, scroll-down to the bottom of the web-page, and click the "Your Voice" hyperlink, to submit your query as a message to some Shaw/Rogers employee.


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