Internet performance after upgrade to 150-300


I upgraded my plan on the weekend and when the technician came to site, he ran a speed test on his phone, which displayed over a 100MB download speed.  After he left I haven't been able to reach 100 and I've been testing at different times of the day.  I also noticed my upload speed this morning was horrible, it wouldn't let me reach 1 MB. 

I've attached a screen shot of my test results using the same app the tech used.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but with the upgrade to 150 I should be receiving 300 speeds or close to?

FYI, I was standing right beside the router when testing with my phone, I have not connected directly to the modem yet, and during my tests nothing else in the house was turned on that would've been using the internet.


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Re: Internet performance after upgrade to 150-300


Hi brajorie 

WiFi can be a bit tricky because there are so many variables that may affect your speed test results. Have you been able to get above 100 on your phone at any point or was it just the tech's phone that could do that? Different devices have different limitations so if it's an older phone, that might be part of the issue. It also depends which network you are connecting to - you'll likely see faster results on the 5GHz network. Get the most out of your Internet  has some more information about device limitations and what you can expect. 

I would start there to get an idea of your baseline, and then you can look at some troubleshooting options like changing the WiFi channel. Even though the tech was getting great results when it was installed, there are environmental factors that might have changed, or there might just be a WiFi channel that will work better for you.  is a great place to start if you want to do some troubleshooting. 

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