ipv6? penticton?


Has Shaw implemented IPv6 in the Pernticton area as of 2021-07-14? (Today).

If so, does it work automatically with my router, the Hitron CGNM-2250?
If it's not automatically working, just a short little answer to all the entry boxes? What goes where?

Thanks muchly!

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(I guess you consider Kelowna's network area? Or do the CSR's always refer to Penticton as being under the Kelowna something or other only due to the T.V. channel lineup instead of being Penticton's, it's Kelowna's, which Penticton, Summerland, Naramata, Kaleden, and all points north to West Kelowna and beyond, through Kelowna proper and north to Vernon and beyond.)

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-- if you open a command-line prompt on a Windows 10 comp...

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@southokanagan -- if you open a command-line prompt on a Windows 10 computer connected to the HITRON, and enter: IPCONFIG /ALL do you see any IPv6 information supplied by the DHCP-server "inside" the HITRON?


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