Keeping my Shaw email address


If I’m told that I have to change my email address, I’ll be moving all my services to Telus. I’ve already done this with another account at my summer place. - just saying…

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If you cancel your internet, you lose your email address,...

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@Noodle86  If you cancel your internet, you lose your email address, unless you know another Rogers internet customer that you can transfer the address to.

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-- when Telus "outsourced" all its back-end E-mail proces...

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@Noodle86 -- when Telus "outsourced" all its back-end E-mail processing to Google, Telus customers kept their "" IDs.  They logon to GMail using "" (and a password). Any E-mail sent to "" will be received by Google's E-mail servers.   Maybe, Rogers/Shaw will do the same thing, but it is too early to know what will change.

It's no big deal for any ISP (Internet Service Provider) to support "legacy" E-mail IDs.  For example, "" still works, through the "Uniserve" ISP, but the policy is that any new customers of Uniserve cannot choose an ID with the "" suffix.  Similarly, it's possible that Rogers/Shaw will continue to support "" IDs for existing customers, for a long time, but not allow new customers to choose that suffix. MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =


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