no qos sqm or acm in arris xb6 modem options???


arris xb6  modem doesnt have options to enable qos and sqm. why not. jitter is latency. its ike the packets being sent arent arriving in the same order they were sent. buffbloat.

so i guess i have to buy a 100 router and put my modem into bridge mode and lose my wifi to rid myself of jitter completely???

i need a senior tech from shaw to comment on this, not just any shaw tech.

i need to know why or if qos sqm and acm can be added to the arris xb6 via a firmware update.

contact the makers of the modem and ask/request those features to be in the next xb6 firware update. can we make this happen? kinda sad i have to buy a router to completely get rid of latency most people complain about and cant do anything abut if they have the arris xb6 with no way to enable qos sqm and acm. like what do we do? go out and buy an IQrouter? i want to be rid of jitter. this is a piss off. i wonder whats really up with the arris xb6 modem. it seems like an ok modem. wifi is good. only 2 ethernet ports. why is the ui and interface so limited. its a docsis3.1 modems and almost all docsis3.1 modems have qos and sqm as options within the modem itself. its a shame to see shaw i dont know what to call it.. cheaping out? get a decent docsis3.1 modem that doesnt have a puma chipset and how about a firmware update that adds qos sqm and acm? like NOWWW. just get with it shaw. jitter is latency and bufferbloat and if qos and sqm were options in the modems themselves then alot of people would be able to fix latency or how about a smart modem. like the IQrouter it adjusts to what devices are using however much bandwidth and it eliminates jitter by keeping latency and ping times low. something needs to be done. forget jitter. we should be passed this. make a request for a firmware update to arris or whoever makes the arris xb6 modem. PLZ and ty in advance. take care.

also when i do the speed test at dsl reports you're supposed to get 3 grades, a,b,c etc. why am i only getting 1 result out of 3 for the jitter test? anybody know? would appreciate some knowledge bombs.

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Re: no qos sqm or acm in arris xb6 modem options???


Hey kurtimus,

Thank you for reaching out! I do not have any details to if and when those features will be available. If they do become available we will certainly announce it. There may be several reasons why you are noticing some troubles with your connection, such as a poor signal from the coax cable connection or external factors. I will recommend connecting with our technical support members to investigate further or schedule a technician for you to replace the modem if it is faulty.


Tony | Community Mod.

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