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Outdoor wifi Extender

I am a Shaw customer with Bluecurve service and very fast Internet. I have an extender for the inside of my apartment but now I’m trying to find some way of extending to the outside and connecting wirelessly to a security camera. Any suggestions grea... Read more

BlueCurve Modem Pass-through IP

I had my second IP set up as a Pass-through IP on my old Hitron Modem. I just got the new BlueCurve modem and can't figure out how to do the same thing on it. It only has 2 ethernet ports and it appears that I have 2 IP addresses under Connections/Sh... Read more


Blue curve total issues

So I recently got Shaw BlueCurve total with the one wireless gateway and 3 wireless tv boxes. I was unaware of getting these as when I ordered 2 months ago they were still giving out wired boxes.My issue is like I’m sure a lot of people will be havin... Read more

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