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Setting up Blue Curve Bedtime Mode

Has anyone had the situation where, once the Bedtime Mode is set for a particular profile, in this case a child's profile, the devices under that profile will change and move to another person's profile so that the Bedtime Mode is no longer applicabl... Read more

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Blue Curve

Hi All,Pat2 again. And no the issue has not been resolved though this site indicates it is. Can anyone help me? Read more

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Blue Curve Modem in Bridge mode

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around something regarding Bridge Mode on the Blue Curve. If I ENABLE bridge mode on the Blue Curve:Will it stop transmitting wifi to my other bluesky tv wireless boxes thus making them non-functional?Will it stop ... Read more

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Connecting Xbox one to Shaw network

I’m trying to get my sons Xbox one to show up as connected on my BlueCurve app so that I can control his wifi access on it. The device shows up, but I can’t seem to connect it. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can do this and limit his time on... Read more

Bluecurve modem does not work with Disney Circle

Hi, I just tried installing a Bluecurve modem with Technicolor internal hardware and found out that it is not compatible with the Disney Circle parental controls. There is a 'fun' interaction where the Disney Circle ends up blocking all WiFi connecte... Read more

Bluecurve pods not connecting / fixed!

I received bluecurve in the mail Tuesday the 21, it took me until May 24th, 3 days of screwing around with it any chance i had to get it working.I am officially 2 modems, 6 pods, 3 phones, multiple outlets of different locations, 10+ hours and 5 agen... Read more

VPN Issues with BlueCurve Gateway modem

Anyone else having issues with their BlueCurve Gateway modem not connecting to VPN's. I recently upgraded from the advanced high speed modem to the new BlueCurve Gateway modem and now I cannot access any of my VPN's when I work from home. Keep gettin... Read more

Tv wont connect to wifi

I just got the new blue curve modem, but now my new smart tv will not connect to the wifi. It says its out of range, but the modem is directly below the tv. I've unplugged both, I have factory reset the tv, I've checked all the wires. I also bought a... Read more

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