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Wifi 6 connects but not working

This might be an issue with the laptop we have but either way this is a good PSA.One of the staff at my company got a new Shaw setup and her brand new lenovo laptop would connect to the wifi but have no internet(or lan) access.After struggling with i... Read more

unusual problem telephone support doesnt know why

I have Shaw bluecurve ( account) with 'built in' Prime/ Netflicks / Disney Plus and Apple Plus ( I also have partamount plus too seperate ap ).,, all these streaming sites ( excpet prime) can display 1080p ( or 1080p60) as my device manager within my... Read more

Blue Curve and Pods

Sometimes Clients and Blue Curve don't always pick the best pod or router to connect to. For the most part all my devices, after a few days, get things sorted out connecting to the best pod or router. My iPad 11 has had a challenge connecting to the ... Read more

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