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Pinter connectivity with blue curve router

2.4 Ghz network printer won’t play nice with the blue curve routerI can’t be the first to encounter this issue and I’m hoping there is a viable, practical solution.Our 2.4 Ghz printer does not want to connect to our devices since the upgrade to Fibre... Read more

Bluecurve 600 speeds very disappointing

Two days ago I got my Bluecurve modem after upgrading from Internet 75 service to the Bluecurve 600 service. I noticed no speed differences at all, and then when I ran the Shaw speed test, this is what I got: That is pretty terrible, and is slower th... Read more

Blue Curve and Internet

I just upgraded to the wireless Blue Curve. After dealing with 2 days of blacked out cable and internet issues I have deduced it is the cable box that is the issue (I can stream from other devices and use my phone, but the second I switch to the cabl... Read more

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