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BlueCurve Modem Pass-through IP

I had my second IP set up as a Pass-through IP on my old Hitron Modem. I just got the new BlueCurve modem and can't figure out how to do the same thing on it. It only has 2 ethernet ports and it appears that I have 2 IP addresses under Connections/Sh... Read more

BlueCurve Gateway - Unstable Ping

We recently upgraded to the BlueCurve gateway from the Hitron modem, and have experienced ping spikes and just higher ping in general. With the Hitron it was super stable sitting at 68-71ms ping while playing League of Legends on wifi, and with the B... Read more

BlueCurve Port Forwarding

Hello,I will preface this post by saying that I know how to forward ports. My question is this: how can I allow my family members to forward ports as well, using my BlueCurve Modem?Until recently, my brother was able to login to our local gateway and... Read more

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XB6 Red Light of death...

So ive been loving shaw since 2012 but ever since ive upgraded to this XB6 Drcember 1st 2018 internet with shaw has been a constant headache. Have had the XB6 replaced twice.Once or twice a week I have to take a pin, reset, and go through the whole p... Read more

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