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Bluecurve Wifi Channel Selection greyed out

Up to very recently, you were able to change the wifi channels for both 2.4 and 5GHz Wifi.This was an awesome option as it allowed us toa) switch the channel to a less congested oneb) change the channel for increased compatibility with older devicesA... Read more

Internet Constantly Disconnecting

I've seen this question posted many times before but it's our turn. We live in North Vancouver. For about the past four weeks, our Internet has been constantly disconnecting at random, all day long, every day. Sometimes it will happen 15 or 20 times ... Read more

Blue Curve Technicolor modem WIFI not working

I have had this modem and internet 600 for over a year and up until 2 weeks ago it was working flawlessly. All of a sudden my PC, that uses a WIFI connection, couldnt access certain websites. Also, certain programs were unable to connect to the inter... Read more

Port forwarding not working?

Just a few weeks ago before the port forwarding page was moved from the blucurve admin page to the shaw webpage (Why?) ports 80 and 443 worked just fine, however the switch seemed to have kept port 80 intact but not 443.I tried to remove and add 443 ... Read more

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