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Bluecurve unable to go on some website

I'm have issue with my internet since I've upgraded to Bluecurve 300. It would not go to some specific website such as Mount Royal University. I've never had that problem before with shaw internet.I've contacted shaw technical support several times b... Read more

WIFI speed has slowed down dramatically

Morning everyone:I have been experiencing slow WIFI speeds with my Gig speed internet. When I connect to Ethernet, I get up speeds up to 900 MBPS and when I go to WIFI, it slows to 145MBPS. All of my WIFI connected devices experience the same throttl... Read more

Slow Internet Speeds even on ethernet.

I have the 1Gbps Shaw plan and speeds most of the time are at 70-90 Mbps (ethernet). I tried speaking with support but they just told me that it was due to the fact that I have 14 devices on my router but the majority of them are smart bulbs or plugs... Read more

Connected but no internet

We've recently updated from internet 75 to internet 300 with the XB6 Bluecurve modem and it's been an adventure.The primary issue is having devices be connected with no internet. These devices worked before with out Hitron.The first modem we received... Read more

Bluecurve Admin password reset

I have been trying for days and days and cannot find the answer so I hope someone can help. I am trying to reset the password on the site. I have tried Admin and Password and then anything I could find online. It was never changed and no o... Read more

VPN Issues with BlueCurve Gateway modem

Anyone else having issues with their BlueCurve Gateway modem not connecting to VPN's. I recently upgraded from the advanced high speed modem to the new BlueCurve Gateway modem and now I cannot access any of my VPN's when I work from home. Keep gettin... Read more

Bluecurve pause internet loophole

There appears to be a bug in the Bluecurve pause internet feature in that if you pause a device and the device is rebooted, the device can still access the YouTube web site and the videos on the site. Other sites seem to be blocked but YouTube is une... Read more

Bluecurve does not pause devices

I have a list of all devices. Such as my kids ipad. I will tell him I am cutting him off internet and pause his device using shaw home app. But his internet keeps on working. How does this work ? Am I doing something wrong ? Does it take a long time ... Read more

port forwarding

I've been trying to forward some ports for a VPN and some web apps testing but haven't been able to get it properly working, my servers are running on raspberry pi and are setup with IPv4 static addresses, i did the set up as instructed by the offici... Read more

Port forwarding ports being blocked/denied??

I've had BlueCurve for awhile now and I've gotten used to using the mobile app for port forwarding, today i was setting up and L2TP / IPsec Vpn on my windows server machine and expecting everything to work i port forwarded my ports 1701 500 and 4500 ... Read more


Port Forwarding troubles

I have a Shaw Blue Curve modem/router device.On Jan 12 or so I set up forwarded port 443 to a server I had running for my office VPN. The next day when trying it from outside, it wasn't working.Then for two weeks I had other more important things to ... Read more

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