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Bluecurve pause internet loophole

There appears to be a bug in the Bluecurve pause internet feature in that if you pause a device and the device is rebooted, the device can still access the YouTube web site and the videos on the site. Other sites seem to be blocked but YouTube is une... Read more

Problems with BlueCurve gateway

I recently upgraded to the BlueCurve Gateway modem with Internet 150 service.I use a Switch and connect it to one of the two available ports. (We do not use WIFI)I used the same setup with the old modem for years without problemsSince we got the mode... Read more


Internet 600 bluecurve is very slow

I recently chamged to the "optic fibre" Bluecurve 600 and it just sucks! Internet keeps going on an off and when it is working speed is very slow. I checked the speed on shaw speed test and it wont go more than 250mbps. Sometimes its as low as 150 mb... Read more

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