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BlueCurve download speed issues

I recently got BlueCurve 300, and I’ve been happy with it all except for one thing. I have good consistent speeds around 300, but when I want to download a bigger file or game, the download speed slows down immensely to around 150. If I do a speed te... Read more

Blue Curve Rebooting by itself.

I'm playing video game on my pc and everything is going well so far , no interruptions or anything. Then suddenly the router reboots itself , and i get disconnected frequently. Read more

HELP!! Disconnecting Serivce

In the last 24 hours, I have wasted more than 3 hours on hold with Shaws 888-472-2222 Customer Support Line - there is no 'call back' option given, just "please wait on the line for any disconnect...". Has anyone experienced similar wait times? Is th... Read more

Updating service plan

Is there another way to contact someone to discuss services I have spent 30 minutes on hold 4 times only to have an automated phone call returned to me that still left me unable to get any information a little frustrating like your previous service Read more

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Port Forwarding

I have Blue Curve Gateway Modem and want to host a server for playing DCS with a few friends. They can see the server but cant connect. I had it working on my old modem but cant seem to get done on this one any help out there Read more

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