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Nest Wifi and BlueCurve Gateway

I have a BlueCurve Gateway and also a Nest Wifi router with 2 access points.The BlueCurve Gateway is set to bridge mode, and everything in my house is connected to Nest Wifi devices.The problem is that some services perform WAY worse with Nest Wifi. ... Read more

Internet Constantly Disconnecting

I've seen this question posted many times before but it's our turn. We live in North Vancouver. For about the past four weeks, our Internet has been constantly disconnecting at random, all day long, every day. Sometimes it will happen 15 or 20 times ... Read more

Cant access many sites after Shaw Outage

I cant access craigslist in opera and firefox. But able to access in comodo dragon.Also patch file in Path of exile did not download. I had to use vpn to download then stop vpn and play the game.It seems IP is blocked in random.Only after the outage.... Read more


Port Forwarding troubles

I have a Shaw Blue Curve modem/router device.On Jan 12 or so I set up forwarded port 443 to a server I had running for my office VPN. The next day when trying it from outside, it wasn't working.Then for two weeks I had other more important things to ... Read more