Recent dramatic upload speed issues


Good day everyone,

I have been troubleshooting this issue for nearly a week on my end and unfortunately Shaw Online Support has not been helpful since they rely only on Ookla speed tests and ignore the fact that I have packet loss.

To summarize, I am Langley, BC based and I have been streaming successfully (not popularly but that's not the point) on/off for over a year. Everything has been great, streaming in 1080 at great rates. I have been streaming at a very steady 5500 kbps+ and that all of a sudden has plummeted dramatically to an unstable less than 2000 bottoming out at times hitting a quite literal 0. I am dropping frames in the neighbourhood of 50-80% and have tried everything possible on my end to figure this out.

I have tested this against youtube, mixer and twitch, run on OBS, Xsplit and Slobs. So despite what the online support says, I doubt it is 3 of the largest providers, all their NA ingest servers and it is not 3 different encoders. 

I have done all the hardware tests I can, replaced all cables and am directly wired to the modem, DNS cache clean...etc. I have run every test I can find and have been recommend to fine, run several viral/malware scans and was even foolish enough to upgrade to the Shaw 300 package thinking that would fix it...needs more power.

When I was online chatting online last night I was told "All lights are green, means you are fine, stop complaining, you are using 15% of your upload". Why can I not use more...? Is that a throttle? 

I was advertised and even suggested by a customer support member that upgrading should fix the the issue as it has faster upload and now I have basically been ripped off...because...Oh, we have green lights on our end... I have seen very similar threads in this forum, what is going on and why am I having issues? 

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Re: Recent dramatic upload speed issues


yes I have the same problem! 

They have done nothing for me either. 

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