Searching in vain to contact support by email


I have been a customer of Shaw since 2000. Until now, I have been very happy with your services but that all changed when I phoned in to order BlueCurve system.(detail further down). As my cable tv was supplied, I became a client with the internet. Now due to age, as well as other things, I don't remember exactly when you switched to HD, but I got the box and PVR from you at no cost as it was covered by my landlord. Now this is where it gets complicated (to this oldbroad's mind) as gateway came out & I wanted it & a number of channels. Contacted Sales,they sent a repairman out& he changed out equipment as well as an updated Wi-Fi modem. I had no complaints with Shaw/Corus with my bill being at $173.00/ month until very recently. I live in an RV Park, in a 40' travel trailer that is clad in aluminum cladding. As such I have been have a lot of problems with getting a stabile internet signal 36' back to my bedroom, so I have been researching for a repeater or some other way to boost my net to my mobile equipment and pc in bedroom. Then you advertised the BlueCurve system & I thought was the perfect way to get a clear signal to the rear of my trailer. Now I realize that I have to pay for extras that are not covered by Hazelmere RV Park and Campground, bur my Internet is not covered by the bulk contract. I have had to pay that from day one, so why is an internet based option only available on the bulk contract.
Hazelmere only provides internet wifi to its transient clients, not to the full time residents!
Also I have repeatedly requested an actual list of the HD channels I am receiving. Not all the channels that you offer. It is a real nuisance to go thro' the channel list to see other channels only to find that I am not subscribed. What I want is to have a list os all the channels that I am receiving.
I don't know if we can fix my main problem by having a repairman out to install a repeater or something the boost the signal back to the bedroom. Maybe something as simple as a splitter on the bedroom cable & another modem added just for the bedroom.
In the meantime I will be researching internet suppliers to change service. I have my mobiles thr' Rogers but unfortunately they are much too expensive.
And thanks for the service you have given me up to now & I really do hope we can solve this together because as said at start of email, I really have been very satisfied with Shaw/Corus. Cheers oldbroad Angela

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Re: Searching in vain to contact support by email


Hello Angela,

Thanks for reaching out! For your question regarding BlueCurve Internet, I'd recommend getting in touch with our customer support team to see what your options are and if this solution would work for you. You could also purchase a third party wifi extender to help get the signal to the back of your home.

You can check your channel lineup in MyShaw if you log in and go to TV section in the "My Services" dropdown menu. Once you're on that page you can scroll down and click "View Channels" to get a list of your subscribed channels.

I hope this helps! 

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