Using Filters to block SPAM

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Many legit emails going to TRASH or JUNK on Webmail server. I do not have any filters in use now. The emails that don't go directly to TRASH have a copy sent to TRASH as well as the INBOX. I have SPAM set to mark as spam and keep it in the INBOX. I had been playing with the Zimbra (Webmail) filters to eliminate spam. Now I have removed all filters ALL email should just stay in the INBOX.

My original idea was to filter all incoming emails that didn't have a matching entry in my address book to the JUNK box for checking for possible legit emails. For the really belligerent spam (10x a day) I set up a few more individual filters to handle those spams and put them into the TRASH box.

Do I have to delete and recreate my email address from scratch to fully reset the Zimbra filtering? If there's someone familiar with using filters I'd like to talk to you about their implementation and actions. As it stands now, whether searching thru Zimbra or Webmail all I see are filter definitions but that's not a guide to creating filters. With the proper selections and implementation I can filtering removing virtually 100% of unwanted spam emails before sending it to my Outlook client on my PC.

When I did have it working fairly well the filters still placed some emails that I have contacts for in the spam or trash boxes. I could right click on these junk/trash emails and one option was to edit the contact. So these emails should never have been send to junk/trash since I already had them in my contact list.

Anyway, if anyone can help or wants to talk filters I'm all ears.



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Re: Using Filters to block SPAM


Hey nartoon,

Thank you for reaching out! I am sorry for the delay in response. The forums aren't monitored as closely as our other support channels. The available spam settings can be modified with the steps here. If you are looking to enable no spam filtering, your best bet is to touch base with a technical support member to help with that.


Tony | Community Mod.

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