Webmail Imposing Passwords and Will Not Update Passwords


I am in the process of combining stuff from an older laptop which will only run safe mode to a second older laptop and then onto a new desktop.  Both laptops and two phones IMAPed to five Shaw webmail accounts; Laptops used Outlook, phones used Bluemail. During the process I dealt with Win 10 to Win 11 and standalone office to Office 365 - a good hobby for a dark and stormy winter!  

At some point I realized that although I got the standard syncing message, syncing was not in fact happening.  I went into MyShaw and found out that when I edited an account it would allow name updates but was in fact changing the passwords to one I had never used.  In the end, all of my webmails had the same password but would not open when called from LastPass but would open if I overwrote the password on the actual login form.  I tried adding a new webmail and it again was assigned this new password.

I have cleared the cache and cookies a few times, ensured that autofill on Chrome and Google were off (I don;t recall turning them on but they were on)  On one phone I took off the IMAP and ensured that the laptops were not running anything email related.  At that point I got the email count on webmail and outlook to come within a few of each other but there was still no syncing.

I tried going through this on Shaw chat with two different agents but as you can guess it was well beyond their capabilities.  Both claim there is nothing like ScanPST which can cleanup a webmail database.  I don;t know how to contact second level or higher support.  Any thoughts on this?

btw, I am a long since retired Help Desk agent and manager with still fairly good skills ... and now know a lot more about webmail and Outlook than I care to. 

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-- would not open when called from LastPass but would ope...

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@wdhewitt -- would not open when called from LastPass but would open if I overwrote the password on the actual login form. 

Did you delete the LastPass app, reinstall it, and reload the passwords?

Can you backup the values inside LastPass before you delete it, to see what it is storing on your behalf?


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