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BlueCurve recording problem


I've had the BlueCurve thing for a couple of months now and something about recording is really annoying me.

So I set a number of series recordings, all for new episodes, for example NCIS.  I check the scheduled recording list daily to see what is recording that day and I notice things are missing on the list that should be there, in this example, the last new episode of NCIS in December.  I find the episode in the guide and it shows the red recording dots so it should record right? Nope! And its not recording on my alternate bedroom location either. I know its available on demand but I want it to record because if it doesnt, I will forget about it.  This seems to happen on numerous shows, whether i have them set for new or new and repeats, on a specific channel or not,  and if I dont check, they don't get recorded.

This is really annoying me!  Is there something i'm doing wrong?  Why cant anything be straightforward li

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Who Me Too'd this topic