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Recordings cutting off early

I have BlueCurve tv. I've had quite a spate of recordings cutting off several minutes before the end of the show lately. It isnt just one show or one channel. As most shows tend to end a few minutes before the hour is up, i'm guessing that my recordi... Read more


Every morning when I wake up or come home from work I go to watch TV. I turn on my TV with my Samsung Remote and/or my BlueSky remote but my New BlueSky box doesn't send any video or audio signal when waking it up from sleep mode, power saving mode o... Read more

Casting to chromecast error message TVAPP-00115

I am attempting to cast from my blue curve app to a google tv chromecast and it comes up with a TVAPP-00115 CODE AND SAYS HAD TROUBLE any suggestions?on same network, rebooted and installed it again, was working perfectly then stopped and this error ... Read more

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