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Sports series recording

I used to be able to record all MLS soccer games as a series. With bluecurve it seems I can only record specific teams as a series. I hope That’s not actually the case. Read more

Recordings cutting off early

I have BlueCurve tv. I've had quite a spate of recordings cutting off several minutes before the end of the show lately. It isnt just one show or one channel. As most shows tend to end a few minutes before the hour is up, i'm guessing that my recordi... Read more

30-Second Skip (BlueCurve)

Skipping forward 30 seconds and back 15 seconds using the BlueCurve remote (pg up / pg dn) no longer works.It cannot be restored using the sequence exit-exit-exit 0030 . Read more

Stingray Music Very Choppy

When I navigate to Stingray music the stream starts very choppy. I can only clear it up by advancing to the next genre then back. I contacted Shaw tech support and was advised they were aware of the problem. Anyone else come across this problem? Read more

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