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BlueSky PVR

Just wondering: if I do not have IPTV, is there a reason why some of my recordings have little cloud icons? This evening, just while starting to watch a show that was in the process of recording (I sometimes wait a while before starting in order to s... Read more

Dolby Atmos Netflix

HelloDoes Shaw allow Dolby Atmos passthrough for the Netflix app downloaded on their TV box (eg curve, gateway etc). I have a Dolby Atmos receiver, TV capable of passthrough, and speakers. MY TV has the netflix app but it is wireless in the basement ... Read more

BlueSky Surf Favorites with one button?

Getting used to the Shaw BlueCurve and its "Universal Electronics" remote. I'm missing the "FAV" button on the old remotes which allowed me to surf quickly between my saved Favourites.Press it once it takes you to next channel that is in the Favourit... Read more

XRE-03121 on only one XG1v3

Moved a couple weeks ago, just got around to setting up the second bluecurve box. It can still access all VoD content, streams internet content just fine, and it can access everything recorded on the main PVR. The only problem is that it throws an XR... Read more

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