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Blue Curve Series Priority

Can someone explain series priority. I put a show on the #1 slot (SHOW ABC) and when I add more SHOW ABC moves down and it’s now in the #25 spot. It seems like new shows should be added at the end of the list (like gateway) not the beginning therefor... Read more

Blue curve pvr and pausing

Hi there,i am wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I pause a show on my pvr within 10-15 minutes the recording will go back to regular tv viewing despite having screen saver after a half hour? Is this a bug or is there something that... Read more

Screen saver always on

Can someone tell me why, when we turn on either of our TVs, 95% of the time they are on the screen saver? It's been doing this for the past couple of months although we have not changed any of the settings. It used to just turn the TV on. Quite irrit... Read more

My Blue Curve TV has 4 technical issues

My Blue Curve TV has 4 serious problems. 1 has been ongoing since I got the Blue Curve equipment. One is recurring for the last 3-4 months and is getting steadily worse, and 2 occurred over the weekend. For many months, I get recordings of every repe... Read more

YouTube FF/REW breaks AV sync

I've noticed this issue for over a year, since shortly after getting BlueCurve. Any time I rewind or fast forward a YouTube video on my Xi6 players, the audio goes out of sync and sometimes drops out. The audio will stay out of sync for the remainder... Read more

Blue sky PVR will not record time shift channels

Hi there, just subscribed to timeshift channels about an hour ago. I am unable to record anything on those channels although I can view them just fine. I restarted my main box and still cannot record. Should I refresh the system or just waiting a lit... Read more


IpCoam - What is this?

In my list of authorized devices streaming BluCurve TV there is a device entitled IpCoam device - c9bae . Last week I noticed I had about 9 of these and engaged in a chat with a Shaw Rep who asked if I had home security cameras. I do not. I was advis... Read more

Casting to chromecast error message TVAPP-00115

I am attempting to cast from my blue curve app to a google tv chromecast and it comes up with a TVAPP-00115 CODE AND SAYS HAD TROUBLE any suggestions?on same network, rebooted and installed it again, was working perfectly then stopped and this error ... Read more

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