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On Demand Not Maintaining Pause

I was watching a show from Shaw on Demand. We were about 45 minutes in and I needed to pause it for a few minutes. When I returned about 15 minutes later it was back on live TV. When I went to resume the show, I had to start from the beginning. This ... Read more

Problems with CTV Calgary

For the third day in a row, when I am on CTV Calgary, my picture will start to loop i.e. it stops, rewinds a second or two, plays for a second, rewinds, and so on. This will go on for a while until I intervene and no, I am NOT sitting on the remote �... Read more

BlueCurve Series Recording on multiple channels

Lately when I try to set up a series recording for new programs on a specific channel, it records the show on every single channel and not just the one I want. As an example, I set it for the show "60 Minutes" on a timeshift channel at 4:00 PM, it re... Read more

XiOne Volume Level

Just switched from the old Arris gateway and wired portals to the new Fibre+ XB7 with XiOne wireless players. We noticed that the TV volume is significant lower with the XiOne than the old players. With the old one, our normal volume level was 30 but... Read more

METV in Alberta

I just got back from spending a few months on the coast where I got to enjoy METV on KVOS. Alas, I've been told that METV is currently only available in BC. Now surely I can't be the only person in the rest of Canada who'd enjoy their particular mix ... Read more

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