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Sound not syncing with Bluecurve 600

We just got Bluecurve 600 and I’m not impressed so far at all. Sound does not sync at all with any program and even though we’ve gone into settings on the tv and changed the delay, it stilldoesnt match up at all. We’ve also completely lost art mode f... Read more

BlueSky Sleep Mode - How to Turn OFF?

I recently upgraded to BlueSky/BlueCurve service.For the most part, positive... however...My TV Box keeps going into Sleep Mode.I have found the setting where I can prolong the awake period, but how do I turn it off permanently?I hate it!It always se... Read more

Bluesky handshake issues

I'm experiencing an increasingly difficult situation where Bluesky will not handshake with my Denon AVR. When I first got bluesky, it was an intermittent issue, which was resolved by unplugging the PVR box and plugging back in. Last night the same is... Read more

Screen saver always on

Can someone tell me why, when we turn on either of our TVs, 95% of the time they are on the screen saver? It's been doing this for the past couple of months although we have not changed any of the settings. It used to just turn the TV on. Quite irrit... Read more

BlueCurve TV equipment

Hello,I am researching options for when my current contract expires in July 2020. I have a few questions about BlueCurve TV. Can the XG1v4 PVR box be hooked up via ethernet (like the Xi6 box) or does it only use the coaxial connection. I currently ha... Read more

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How do I use the search function in Crave or HBO?

Apologies in advance if this is a simple question but I can't figure out how to search for a specific word or title in Crave or Crave + HBO. Is there something I'm missing? The only options are to sort alphabetically or by most popular.Thanks Read more

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A thorough look at my experience with BlueCurve xi6

My experience with the new Xi6 boxes has been mixed, but generally 75% positive. I never did use the "Bluesky" system and was coming from the Gateway system which I found worked quite well other than simplicity of use for a few features that were a p... Read more

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