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Every morning when I wake up or come home from work I go to watch TV. I turn on my TV with my Samsung Remote and/or my BlueSky remote but my New BlueSky box doesn't send any video or audio signal when waking it up from sleep mode, power saving mode o... Read more

Australian Open PVR

On BlueCurveTV, how can I set to record the Australian Open on different TSN channels at the same time? After setting to record on one channel, when I set to record a different channel to record two different matches in the same time slot, the first ... Read more

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Recorded shows not playing in 5.1 surround

I recently switched to the wireless 4k BlueCurve boxes and have a weird issue. Whenever I watch a recorded show the audio is playing in stereo 2.0, when the live feed was 5.1 surround. If I watch that same show live, it plays correctly in 5.1 surroun... Read more

Sound not syncing with picture

We have had Blue Sky since we moved to Qualicum Beach in August 2017 and have had nothing but problems with the sound being out of sync with the picture. Have called numerous times, had tech's out and the problem still persists. We have tried everyth... Read more

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