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Frequent audio drops Bluesky TV

Got a new Bluesky TV box on Wednesday to fix an issue I was having with my previous one, and the new one is experiencing very frequent audio drops. The issue isn't occurring with any of the other devices connected to my A/V receiver. When it happens,... Read more

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2019 TV. Shaw Remote not working

This is just curiosity. I purchased a brand new (2019) version tv. Specifically TCL 43S425I tried basically every code with the Shaw remote (Champ?). Unfortunately none of them work. I am just wondering if there will be a code update anytime soon. I ... Read more

TV Japan in HD

Hi - is TV Japan service going to be available in HD?It's crazy that it's only SD and $17/month - there are online services that cost half as much and are HD. Telus also offers it in HD ... Read more

Subtitles on Amazon Prime

Does anyone else have trouble with:a) Turning off titles. Regardless of the number of times I go into the menu to turn off, they don't turn off.b) Changing the language of the subtitles (especially in scenes where a foreign language is spoken) to Eng... Read more

Poor experience

Anyone else find it frustrating with the amount we pay for TV service and picture freezes or sound cuts out so frequently it makes in impossible to even watch. I was told Bluecurve would be better but that is proving to not be the case! Read more

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