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Topics with Label: BlueCurve TV

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Xi One TV Player

I hooked up a new Xi One TV player a couple days ago. I was very impressed with the small size and design of the player which offers all the same services and the older Xi6 player. The remote is more stealthy as well. I ran into some problems getting... Read more

Any plans to add Corus co-owned Pluto TV as an app?

Today Pluto TV launched in Canada. Would it not make sense for the Corus/ Paramount co-owned venture to be added as an App or Virtual Channels to all BlueCurve boxes?It would be nice not to have to flip to another device to access these free channels... Read more


IpCoam - What is this?

In my list of authorized devices streaming BluCurve TV there is a device entitled IpCoam device - c9bae . Last week I noticed I had about 9 of these and engaged in a chat with a Shaw Rep who asked if I had home security cameras. I do not. I was advis... Read more

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