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Will new router make my internet faster?


Hey everyone,

I recently changed my internet to Internet 150 and I got the new modem installed and everything, however I was wondering if getting a new router would make my internet faster?

When I first got the internet upgrade, I connected my PC directly to my new modem and tested out the speed connection and it was as good as the speed that Internet 150 says it's supposed to be, however, I switched my PC Ethernet cable back to my router like it was before and tested out the speed again and the result it gave me was a huge difference: Around - 8.48 DOWNLOAD Mbps and 6.03 UPLOAD Mbps.

Tested the speed connection multiple times with multiple websites. Around the same results.

A lot slower than what internet 150 is supposed to be - compared to when I had my PC directly connected to the modem. My router is also really old, that's why I'm thinking about upgrading as well.

Router: D-Link DI-524 Wireless 

The router I'm planning on getting is: ASUS RT-AC66U B1

Also, I did bridge the connection with my modem and router together afterwards.

Let me know if a new router would give me the internet speed that Internet 150 is supposed to - just like when I was directly connected to the modem.


Who Me Too'd this topic