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Customer Service Frustration


I usually do not post comments or suggestions as I usually feel its a waste of time, but in this instance I believe it is necessary so as to 1) warn others of Shaw customer service and 2) give Shaw management and training an opportunity to correct the problems. 

We have been Shaw customers for just over 1 year.   I have not been happy with the internet and tv since day one.  The internet speeds seem super slow, especially if more than one user is online, and the tv is very glitchy and overall, just an archaic guide system.  Shaw, it's 2020, we should be able to watch previews for VOD movies!!!

The last week of September I was in contact with Shaw to advise we were moving to another city and wanted my services transferred.  We still had 10 months of our contract and did not want to pay their outrageous early cancellation charges so I decided to transfer services.   I connected with a service agent that identified themselves from PEI.  There were may communication issues due to language barriers and the agent having a very strong accent but we both tried the best we could.  I gave the agent our new address and he advised that the request would have to be sent to the service department and that I would have to call back in 5 business days.   The entirety of this conversation as well as my hold time was just about 1 hour.  

Fast forward 5 business days, I do as instructed, and contact Shaw again to discuss moving my services.  Almost identical to my first encounter, I struggled with getting the agent to understand why I was calling, placed on hold for a lengthy period of time and then told that the service order has been placed and to call back in 5 business days.  ARRGGG!  

So another 5 business days later (today) I called again, and like encounters 1 & 2, the language barriers proved to be difficult, but after advising the reason for my call I was placed on hold for another unacceptable length of time only to be advised that Shaw does not service the area that I am moving to.   I asked what my options were and was told I had to pay the early cancellation fees.  I wanted to negotiate something on this term and asked to speak to a manager only to be, again, put on a lengthy hold.  The agent come back and rudely stated that no managers were available and "for my information I am responsible for early cancelation fees due to the contract".  He repeatedly cut me off during conversation, so much so, that I in turn had to interrupt him, when I was told "let me finish"  WOW!!!!  I asked for the manager again and provided my contact number for a return phone call by the end of the day, which by the way, was never received. 

I was so mad I packed up all of the Shaw equipment I had in the house and went to the downtown Calgary store.  Due to COVID, no one was allowed in the building.  I was met outside by a Shaw representative.  I explained the situation and asked if he could assist, to which he told me to contact Customer Support.  I told him I have contacted Customer Support on 3 different occasions and was not receiving any help WHAT SO EVER.  He told me they are a retail store and cannot help with any issues like mine.  I asked if he could at least assist me with contacting Customer Support, that maybe another voice on the line may get me to the channels I needed.  NOPE!!!  ANOTHER RUDE AGENT!!!!  

I went back to my vehicle and tried Customer Support one last time and that was when I was finally in contact with a competent agent by the name of Jason.  In five minutes, Jason was able to tell me that no, they did not service my future home area, gave me my options, which were, paying the early cancellation fees or signing up with Shaw direct satellite (they still could not provide internet) and expressed his acknowledgment of my frustration.  He told me what my early cancellation fees were, which is something the other 3 agents would not, and actually did not berate me on my responsibility of contract fees (thank you I am a functioning adult that understands contracts - I just wanted to transfer service!!)  I do give many kudos to Jason and think that he should train the new Shaw staff and get a considerable raise.   

That said, Jason is still not enough for me to ever recommend Shaw to anyone.  The customer service is absolutely atrocious and, in this day and age, unacceptable when there are so many other choices for service providers.  

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