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Shaw "Early Bird" Renewal: 888-444-5295

Legendary Grand Master

Last Saturday afternoon, I got a telephone-call from 888-444-5295.  I did not answer, and a zero-length voice-mail message was left.

I called that number, and got a recording that it was Shaw, and that their office hours are Monday-to-Friday from 12 to 8 PM Pacific, and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday & Sunday.

I called on Sunday, but their office was closed. Huh?

I called again, today (Monday) just after noon, and it really was Shaw, offering me "early bird" renewal pricing. They knew all my account details. So, definitely not a scammer spoofing me.

My current two-year Value Plan was to expire on February 2, 2023 -- 3.5 months away -- hence the timing of their "early bird" offer, with a claim that they may not be able to offer the same prices closer to the end-date of my current Value Plan.

I have been paying $194/month (plus taxes) for Internet 300, Hitron cable-modem, Personal TV, Shaw Phone, with add-ons (voice-mail, Suspense Pack TV, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and Timeshift bundle).

After some discussion, I will get a one-time $50 credit, an upgrade to Total TV (which includes those 4 TV add-ons), and Internet 500, via the XB7 cable-modem, for $207/month (plus taxes).

So, from Internet 300/15 to Internet 500/100, via the XB7. ๐Ÿ™‚

I chose to keep my Shaw Gateway HDPVR (with all its recorded content), but can replace it, at any time, by a BlueCurve TV box, with one additional remote-TV box, at no extra cost.

So, I will be paying 6.7 percent more than what I contracted to pay, in February 2021, and getting "more". Given the high amount of economic inflation between February 2021 and October 2022, that price-increase is quite reasonable. 

Also, note that I no longer will not have those 4 "TV Add-Ons", which were announced to have a $3/month price-increase starting in November 2022.  So, instead of $206/month ($194 plus 4*$3), my total bill will be $207/month.


Who Me Too'd this topic