Learn more about Ignite TV App blackout information. We strive to provide you with the best on-the-go viewing experience that we can, and in order to do that, sometimes programs may be unavailable or ‘blacked out'.

About Ignite TV App blackouts

We work with our network partners to maximize the number of programs viewable on a mobile device at any given time, but you may experience situations where the following message displays on your screen when tuning to a live TV channel:





There are two primary reasons that you’re seeing the above message:

  1. Program unavailable for mobile viewing: Our network partner has indicated to us that the program you’re attempting to view hasn’t been cleared for out-of-home viewing.  If you’re using the Ignite TV App at home and encounter this message, we suggest you tune to the channel on one of your cable boxes.  If you experience this message while on-the-go, we apologize for the inconvenience. Live programming will return to the channel once the blacked-out program has ended.
  2. Sports programming while traveling: The Ignite TV App adheres to viewing restrictions established by leagues such as the NHL based on the approximate location of the WiFi or cellular network that your device is connected to. Programming available to you on the Ignite TV App is based on what you have access to on your set-top box at home and mobile viewing restrictions.  When you travel outside of a sports league’s defined viewing boundary, the games you can view at home may be unavailable on your mobile device.  As an example, a Calgary customer who travels to Vancouver will not be able to view a Flames game airing on Sportsnet West because they will be outside of the NHL’s defined viewing region. For detailed information on Sportsnet and TSN regional restrictions click here.




Did You Know

Blackouts are the result of broadcasting restrictions imposed by broadcasters, professional sports teams, and leagues in order to help foster fan support that generates revenue for local teams.

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