Learn about CFL blackouts and how they may impact viewing your favorite Canadian Football League team. The CFL’s blackout restrictions are directly linked to ticket sales. This practice is in place in order to try to drive ticket sales in order to help support local teams and their Stadiums.

CFL Blackouts

CFL regular season and playoff games are televised on TSN through the 2026 season

Historically, Blackout areas were defined within CFL documentation as:

  • 120 kilometres from the city limits of the city the game is being played in or
  • in Saskatchewan for games played in that province for broadcast (over-the-air) signals and 56 kilometres from the city limits of the host city for cable signals

Canadian Football League Blackout decisions revert to the league if 90% of tickets are sold 48 hours prior to the game start. This was the blackout policy for the CFL for the 2008-2013 broadcaster rights agreement, and this policy has been confirmed as continuing through to the five-year service agreement that began in 2014 and now with the new six-year agreement signed in 2020.

You can view the schedule for Canadian Football League games by visiting the official CFL website.

You can also subscribe to receive calendar updates from the CFL.


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