Learn more about our streaming services and how to stream your favourite shows, movies and sports packages with Rogers Together with Shaw. With Ignite Streaming you can access thousands of free shows and movies from Netflix, Tubi, Prime Video and more with your favourite subscribed streaming services.

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What is streaming?

Streaming is simply watching video content (i.e. TV programming) online through an Internet connection. With a streaming service you can enjoy your favourite TV show, movies, or sporting event (such as NHL Centre Ice) so long as you have an Internet connection and a subscription to the specific streaming channel/service.

Technically “streaming” refers to the transmission of audio and video over the Internet through compressed data. To stream content, you require a streaming device (such as a streaming box) which acts as a “streaming player” to uncompress the data and deliver the content through video (i.e. your TV or display) and audio to speakers.

Content is usually streamed through your Smart TV, but you can also stream through other devices such as your laptop, your mobile phone, your tablet or your desktop computer.

Ignite Streaming (formerly known as Shaw Stream) is a video streaming device that can be used with your Shaw Internet service to view programs online, anytime with your Internet service.

Learn more about Ignite Streaming with our Ignite Streaming Overview & FAQ

What are streaming services?

A streaming service is an online platform that allows users to watch or listen to content such as TV shows, movies, sporting events, music services or podcasts over the Internet. Want to watch a TV series online? Stream your favourite TV series with Ignite Streaming from Rogers Together with Shaw.

Streaming services are often accessed be either an app or a web browser.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and Paramount+ are all example of subscription-based streaming options. They stream videos to subscribers typically via their streaming apps. However, there are also free streaming services such as YouTube.

Examples of streaming services include:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV+
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Paramount+
  • Tubi
  • YouTube




One of the main benefits of Streaming content is that you don’t have to download the content. You just stream the program in real-time (unless of course you are watching on-demand content that is not live).

Streaming Sports

For all of you sports fans out there, you can stream the NHL, MLB, NBA and more alongside nonstop sports coverage with Sportsnet+ as part of the Sportsnet app on Ignite Streaming. Log in or start your new subscription on your Ignite Entertainment Box.

Looking for Sport package streaming? Did you know you can watch your favourite teams from anywhere? Learn more about how to make the most of the Ignite TV app! Access Super Sports Pak through the Ignite TV app!

  • From October through April you can stream NHL Centre Ice package.
  • From March through October your can stream MLB games with MLB Extra Innings.
  • From October through April you can stream NBA basketball via NBA League Pass.

Heritage Shaw Customers can also access NHL Centre Ice, MLB Extra Innings and NBA League Pass through Super Sports Pak. Visit: https://www.shaw.ca/tv/channels/super-sports-pak for more details.

Super Sports Pak is available to Rogers customers in various regions throughout Canada. Learn more here: https://www.rogers.com/tv/super-sports-pak.

How do I get Ignite Streaming?

Ignite Streaming is a device you can use to access multiple streaming apps in one place. Ignite Streaming combines popular video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video—all in one simple view. You can add Ignite Streaming to your existing Internet plan. More about Ignite Streaming can be found in our Ignite Streaming Overview and FAQs including requirements for getting Ignite Streaming such as:

  • A Shaw Internet subscription is required.
  • A Fibre+ Internet or Ignite Internet package is required to use Ignite Streaming.
  • Regular live TV channels are not available on Ignite Streaming. However, many of the included streaming apps may have similar content for you to watch.
  • To stream 4K content from providers like Netflix, a minimum Internet speed of 25Mbps is recommended.

Visit: https://www.shaw.ca/internet/streaming for more information. Ignite Streaming can be bundled on your account with Shaw Internet service.

Rogers customers in other provinces can visit: https://www.rogers.com/streaming for additional details.

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