Sportsnet NOW is a service that ensures you'll never miss a moment of your favourite live sports and shows from Sportsnet. The free Sportsnet NOW app allows you to access Sportsnet NOW content 24/7, anywhere you go, on your iOS or Android device. This includes live access to Sportsnet feeds including Sportsnet Ontario, East, Pacific, West, One, 360 and World.


You can also access Sportsnet NOW content on your laptop or desktop computer at  The desktop experience is similar to the mobile experience with the addition of the Quad Screen viewing experience, which lets you view up to 4 Sportsnet channels at once.


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You can download the Sportsnet NOW app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android device from their respective app marketplaces. The app is free to download.






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Sign In and Authenticate


Your sign in credentials will be determined by your TV service provider, not your Internet or Phone (including mobile) provider.


If you are a Shaw TV subscriber, you can select SHAW GO as your service provider and then enter your account credentials. Shaw customers can sign in with their Shaw ID and password.  If you have not yet set up a Shaw ID username and password, you can find out how to do so here:

Shaw ID Overview 


The channels that are available for streaming within the Sportsnet NOW app match those that you have subscribed to within your TV package. For more information about how you can add channels to your Shaw TV subscription, please see Digital Cable Packages |



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Browsing and Streaming


With the Sportsnet NOW app you can browse through a calendar of upcoming Sportsnet content, stream live episodes straight to your mobile device, and even set reminders so you never miss a game. Navigating the app can be done through two menus. The "What's on Now" menu, and the "What's on Later" guide. To move between these two menus, tap their icons at the top of the app.


What's on Now

Through the Sportsnet NOW panel view you can quickly navigate to your favourite Sportsnet shows or events. Swipe the screen to the left or right to scroll between all of the included Sportsnet channels. To begin streaming just tap on the play icon for any available title. Titles that are not available to you will be presented with a lock icon.


Sportsnet NOW: What's On

Sportsnet NOW


To begin live streaming of an available title, tap it in the "What's on Now" menu, or select a title that is currently playing from the "What's on Later" guide. While in video streaming mode your stream will begin live playback of the episode or sporting event, however you can pause the playback, and rewind up to 30 seconds of the stream.


Sportsnet NOW: Video Playback

Sportsnet NOW video player options


What's on Later

With the Sportsnet NOW "What's on Later" guide view you can look ahead to see what's coming up on all of the Sportsnet channels, and even set reminders. Tap the dates at the top of the screen to jump ahead, or swipe the screen to the right or left to check the guide.


Sportsnet NOW: What's on Later

Sportsnet NOW view schedule



To set a reminder, just tap on the event or episode that you would like to be reminded of from within the "What's on Later" guide. You will receive a message asking to if you would like to be notified 2 minutes before the program starts. Tap OK to confirm, or Cancel to back out of this option.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I access Sportsnet NOW?

You can access Sportsnet NOW by selecting Shaw Go as your service provider, then logging in with your Shaw ID  and password.


What is Sportsnet NOW?

Sportsnet NOW is a single destination for Sportsnet viewers to watch live streaming of Sportsnet Ontario, East, Pacific, West, One, World and 360 on your iOS and Android device.


What channels are available through Sportsnet NOW?

Sportsnet Ontario, East, Pacific, West, One, World, 360.


What mobile devices are compatible?

Sportsnet NOW is available for use on the following mobile devices: Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android phone and tablet devices.


Is the content on Sportsnet NOW different from on my TV?

Yes. Typically Sportsnet Now will display the same content as can be found on your TV, but occasionally there can be differences in the content.


Is streaming in HD available?

Yes. The app will stream video content in HD provided there is sufficient bandwidth available.



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