TSN GO App logoLearn more about the TSN Go app and how you can easily access TSN content on the go. TSN GO gives TSN subscribers the ability to watch TSN1, TSN2, TSN3 TSN4 and TSN5 live on their iOS and Android phone devices, anywhere, at any time. With TSN GO, you also get access to breaking news headlines from the world of sports and the ability to playback On Demand content from TSN. Check out the "download" and "sign in and authenticate" sections below to get started with the TSN GO app.

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How to download

You can download the TSN GO app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone device from their respective app stores. The app is free to download. Please note that the app is not yet available for use on Android tablets.
For iOS: Download TSN GO app from the iTunes store now.

Requires iOS 9.0 or later.


For Android: Download the TSN GO app from the Google Play store now.

Requires Android 4.2 and up.

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How to sign in and authenticate

Your sign-in credentials will be determined by your TV service provider, not your Internet or Phone (including mobile) provider.

If you are a Shaw TV subscriber, you can select SHAW GO as your service provider, and then enter your account credentials. Shaw customers can sign in with their Shaw ID and password. If you have not yet set up a Shaw ID username and password, you can find out how to do so here: Shaw ID Overview 

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Navigation on an Apple iPad

Navigation through the TSN GO app on an Apple iPad can be done by tapping on any of the icons on the left-hand side to quickly jump to that section of the app, or sport specific page. When you first start the app you will automatically be brought to the home screen which will present you with the most current news for your favourite sporting events, including scoreboards that cover the latest games, headlines, video content, blogs and more.  Tap any of the categories under the HOME menu to jump to that section, or tap the icons on the left side navigational bar to jump to a specific sport or streaming section.

TSN GO App: Home Screen

TSN GO App Home Screen

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Navigation on an iPhone or Android phone

On an iPhone, iPod touch or Android phone, tap the TSN GO icon in the top left corner of the app to access the navigational bar from which you can quickly jump to the different sections of the apps. When you first start the app you will automatically be brought to the home screen which will present you with scoreboards that cover the latest games. You can customize this page by clicking "Customize Scoreboard" at the bottom of the page.


TSN GO Home ScreenTSN GO Navigation Bar
TSN GO App Home ScreenTSN GO Navigation Bar

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TSN Live Stream and On Demand

The TSN Live Stream and On Demand section can be accessed if you want to begin streaming the TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4 or TSN5 channels. Your ability to playback this content is based on your TV subscription. Channels that you are subscribed to in your home will be available to you through the application. To begin live streaming this content, simply tap it in this list. Playback will begin automatically.
You can also access games on demand and a list of shows that you are able to play through your mobile device from within this section of the app. While playing this type of content you can skip ahead, rewind and pause the video playback.


TSN GO App: Streaming and On Demand

TSN GO Streaming and On Demand Options

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Sports Pages

From the sports pages you can access headlines, videos, schedules, standings, and various trackers for the individual sport you are following. Tap the sports page you wish to view, and then select any of the available categories to view more information and relevant video content.


Hockey Canada


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The TSN GO app settings can be accessed by tapping the Settings icon, which will be located on the left side of the app on your iPad, or found by tapping the TSN GO icon in the top left corner on your iPhone or Android device. Through the app settings, you can modify a number of different app behaviours including enabling or disabling notifications, setting the font size, refresh settings, setting video playback to only work while connected to WiFi (no data) and more.

You can also customize your Menu and Scoreboard by adding the sports that you wish to follow and removing those that you don't.


TSN GO App: Settings Options

TSN Go App: Settings Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the TSN GO app.


How can I access TSN GO?
You can access TSN GO by selecting Shaw Go as your service provider, then signing in with your Shaw ID and password.
Can I watch TSN GO content outside of Canada?
No. Streaming through the TSN GO app is only available while you are physically inside of Canada.
What does the lock icon mean?
When you encounter an item that has a lock symbol, it indicates that only users that have a subscription to that channel can view that content.
When do on-demand programs become available for viewing?
The time frame varies from program to program, but most content will appear online twenty-four hours after it airs. Check the latest / most recent collection of videos for the latest available clips.
How do you stream your video content?
TSN GO delivers content via Adaptive Streaming. This means that the stream is constantly adjusting to deliver the best quality playback based on your available bandwidth. 

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