Blue Curve TV did not record Euro 2020 game


I set it up to record ALL Euro 2020 games with HD preferred. On Saturday June 26, 2021 it showed it was scheduled to record 2 games.

* Game 1: Wales

* Game 2: Italy

It ended up with 2 copies of the Wales game. When I look at the Italy game it says Italy but shows the Wales game again.

2 questions:

1. Can I record the Italy game later.

2. Did anyone else notice this.




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- apologies for the delayed reply!  Sorry to hear your r...


@bharkins  - apologies for the delayed reply! 

Sorry to hear your recording didn't record the correct game at the time. Usually, with regards to the guide schedule vs the actual program being aired, it is up to the network to update us with any guide/schedule changes from their end. Sometimes, the programming can change at the last second.

You should be able to set up future recordings as you like through your cable box.

For further assistance with regard to your recordings, please reach out to our lovely tech team at 

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