CityTV Video app - Shaw authentication does not work

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Can't access CityTV Video app content - What is going on with the Shaw authentication inside the CityTV Video app?

The authentication sign-in for the CityTV Video app does not work after selecting Shaw Cable provider.  I have a valid Shaw ID that works in the Shaw website but when I try to authenticate in the CityTV Video app, it redirects to a Shaw login page but after entering my Shaw ID credentials it does not complete the authentication.  I have tried it multiple times with no success....

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Re: CityTV Video app - Shaw authentication does not work


Hey fkvemshagen,

Thank you for reaching out! I haven't heard of any reports of the Shaw authentication not working on the CityTV app. I am able to successfully log into the CityTV app with no issues on my Samsung S8. Are you noticing this issue with just one device or on other devices as well? Are your device operating software and CityTV app the most up-to-date versions? 

Most of the CityTV content is available on FreeRange TV, are you able to log into the FreeRange TV app or is it not fully loading through as well?

Keep me posted,

Tony | Community Mod.

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