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Prime Video can't load on BlueCurve

HiPrime Video won't load on BlueCurve TV anymore. I get an error saying 'Something went wrong. W0re unable to load your profiles at this time. Press OK to go to Home'. When I click okay, I get 'Problem Occured. Ensure your device is connected to the ... Read more


Please add ability to remotely record

I have Shaw Blue Curve. For the most part it’s great! But it is missing the ability to remotely schedule recordings or to check on currently scheduled recordings. I had this with Shaw Gateway but lost this with Shaw Blue Curve.The Shaw TV Blue Curve ... Read more

Updated Good News about Disney Plus

Good Day everyone, sorry I don't post anymore, but due to certain people I've lost interest in doing so. But I would like to let everyone that has been asking for the Disney Plus App on Blue Curve TV, know that an agreement has finally been signed be... Read more

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