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streaming tv

Does Shaw require you to have at least basic tv to stream tv from your computer to your tv through the internet? My contract is almost up and I was thinking about cancelling my shaw tv and just stream. Read more

Unable to watch Stingray Loud & Stingray Retro

While trying to watch Stingray Loud & Stingray Retro, I receive the following messages...Attempting to Resume. We've run into a problem streaming (Program Title). Please wait while we try again.This Video Cannot Be Played. We've run into a problem st... Read more

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Free Range TV

Free Range requires Adobe Flash to function. Adobe Flash is going out of service at December 31 2020. Does Shaw have a plan to replace the function of Adobe Flash so Free Range service will survive the yearend? HRK Read more

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  • 1 web app could not connect

I'm having trouble getting the web app to connect on my laptop. I don't get the screen with the blue loading circle where it asks me to allow flash to work. I just a black screen with nothing on it before it loads the screen below in the picture.I've... Read more

Apple TV Provider Support With Shaw.

When will Shaw support Apple TV Provider sign in. What is nice about signing in through TV Provider, you only have to login once and then what ever tv app will work with your tv package. I’ve included some screen shots of tv provider from my iPhone. ... Read more

Missing subtitles on Netflix

Hi allI have Shaw BlueCurve TV and like watching Netflix through the Shaw box / integration. Unfortunately I'm having issues with subtitles... about 20%-30% of the lines are just missing. Sometimes they appear for a split second (impossible to read),... Read more

Blue curve YouTube App - Restricted Mode

I have examined the available documentation which describes how to disable Restricted Mode. However, even with Restricted Mode disabled, the app still asks me to confirm playing the video. I don’t understand the point of providing the ability to disa... Read more

Aspect Ratio (Star Trek Voyager)

Hi All:Recently, Shaw BlueCurve's Netflix has begun delivering Star Trek Voyager in 16:9, when the original aspect ratio is 4:3.Roku and a Philips TV's native Netflix deliver the series in 4:3. Read more


Please add ability to remotely record

I have Shaw Blue Curve. For the most part it’s great! But it is missing the ability to remotely schedule recordings or to check on currently scheduled recordings. I had this with Shaw Gateway but lost this with Shaw Blue Curve.The Shaw TV Blue Curve ... Read more

Screen Mirroring from Samsung Phone or I pad

I have a Hisense and Samsung TV and can't seem to watch Shaw on either tv via screen share or screen mirroring. I can share any image from my devices onto the tv, however, when playing via shaw blue curve app on my device it just won't play and comes... Read more

Intermittent internet and tv

Yesterday my internet quit around 2 pm MDT. Thought initially it was the modem. So did he usual reboot, etc. I also have a Netgear router so went through the same stuff with that. Nothing helped. I used the Shaw assistant and finally got a technician... Read more

City Tv App not working

I'm trying to watch some shows using the CityTV app - Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, to be specific. They all aired March 12. I always watch these shows on this app but this time its not working. I log on using my Shaw ID, but when I try t... Read more

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