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Youtube glitchy on 720p

Hi, Lately I have been unable to watch any youtube content using the bluecurve tv. Anytime I try to watch anything in HD (720p) the screen goes all fuzzy but when I drop the quality down to 480p it seems to play perfectly fine. This just randomly sta... Read more

Shaw Freerange website and Google Chrome issue

Looking for help with Shaw Freerange using Google Chrome. I have the latest updates for Google Chrome browser but can't get it to load Shaw Freerane website. Originally had issues with Flash but have set that to allow. Now the website start to load a... Read more


Please add ability to remotely record

I have Shaw Blue Curve. For the most part it’s great! But it is missing the ability to remotely schedule recordings or to check on currently scheduled recordings. I had this with Shaw Gateway but lost this with Shaw Blue Curve.The Shaw TV Blue Curve ... Read more

Stingray Album Art still looks fuzzy

The Stingray album art pages still look a little fuzzy. The text is a little fuzzy and vibrates. I know Stingray is an audio channel but looking at poor renditions of the album art takes away from an otherwise good experience.Stingray has been plague... Read more

Side by side streamer test - Picard(Crave)

Out of curiosity I ran the new Picard series on both my Apple TV(series 4) and my Xi6 Wireless TV Player boxes. I was curious about picture quality. Both looked very good. I found it hard to differentiate. I could even be convinced that the picture l... Read more

BlueSky Netflix, VOD or Apps?

Is watching Netflix from the BlueSky On Demand (VOD) menu different than from the app section in BlueSky?I ask this question taking into consideration the source of the streaming.Is the VOD version streaming like other VOD titles?Is looking at Netfli... Read more

Global Go App

Anybody get this working with their Shaw subscription? This appears to be an ongoing issue for months now and Shaw doesn't seem to be too concerned about getting it fixed Read more

Shaw xi6 4k box not streaming Netflix in 4k

We upgraded our plan to use the new 4k xi6 boxes. We've had the premium (Ultra HD) Netflix plan for a while now as we used the 4k Chromecast to watch netflix in 4k.It's advertised that the xi6 boxes should be able to stream Netflix in 4k, but Netflix... Read more

Go Gateway App network issue

Go Gateway App is giving me 'A network error has prevented communication with your account. Please check your network settings and try again.' I have reset my Shaw ID password. I have rebooted my Gateway system. I have re-installed the app. I'm using... Read more

Amazon Prime Issues

After selecting a series episode on Amazon Prime, and skipping the teaser, I got a frozen screen from the teaser, with subtitles popping up on it. I have selected subtitles "off". Cured by going back to streaming services screen, re-selecting Amazon ... Read more

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