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Screen Mirroring from Samsung Phone or I pad

I have a Hisense and Samsung TV and can't seem to watch Shaw on either tv via screen share or screen mirroring. I can share any image from my devices onto the tv, however, when playing via shaw blue curve app on my device it just won't play and comes... Read more

Intermittent internet and tv

Yesterday my internet quit around 2 pm MDT. Thought initially it was the modem. So did he usual reboot, etc. I also have a Netgear router so went through the same stuff with that. Nothing helped. I used the Shaw assistant and finally got a technician... Read more

City Tv App not working

I'm trying to watch some shows using the CityTV app - Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, to be specific. They all aired March 12. I always watch these shows on this app but this time its not working. I log on using my Shaw ID, but when I try t... Read more


Sportsnet NOW app iOS login through provider not working

Per the subject, signing in through Shaw in the Sportsnet app for live streaming is currently not working. Is anybody else experiencing this issue? It works fine on the web, but not in the app. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app... Read more

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Please add ability to remotely record

I have Shaw Blue Curve. For the most part it’s great! But it is missing the ability to remotely schedule recordings or to check on currently scheduled recordings. I had this with Shaw Gateway but lost this with Shaw Blue Curve.The Shaw TV Blue Curve ... Read more


Youtube glitchy on 720p

Hi, Lately I have been unable to watch any youtube content using the bluecurve tv. Anytime I try to watch anything in HD (720p) the screen goes all fuzzy but when I drop the quality down to 480p it seems to play perfectly fine. This just randomly sta... Read more

Shaw Freerange website and Google Chrome issue

Looking for help with Shaw Freerange using Google Chrome. I have the latest updates for Google Chrome browser but can't get it to load Shaw Freerane website. Originally had issues with Flash but have set that to allow. Now the website start to load a... Read more

Stingray Album Art still looks fuzzy

The Stingray album art pages still look a little fuzzy. The text is a little fuzzy and vibrates. I know Stingray is an audio channel but looking at poor renditions of the album art takes away from an otherwise good experience.Stingray has been plague... Read more

Side by side streamer test - Picard(Crave)

Out of curiosity I ran the new Picard series on both my Apple TV(series 4) and my Xi6 Wireless TV Player boxes. I was curious about picture quality. Both looked very good. I found it hard to differentiate. I could even be convinced that the picture l... Read more

BlueSky Netflix, VOD or Apps?

Is watching Netflix from the BlueSky On Demand (VOD) menu different than from the app section in BlueSky?I ask this question taking into consideration the source of the streaming.Is the VOD version streaming like other VOD titles?Is looking at Netfli... Read more

Global Go App

Anybody get this working with their Shaw subscription? This appears to be an ongoing issue for months now and Shaw doesn't seem to be too concerned about getting it fixed Read more

Shaw xi6 4k box not streaming Netflix in 4k

We upgraded our plan to use the new 4k xi6 boxes. We've had the premium (Ultra HD) Netflix plan for a while now as we used the 4k Chromecast to watch netflix in 4k.It's advertised that the xi6 boxes should be able to stream Netflix in 4k, but Netflix... Read more

Go Gateway App network issue

Go Gateway App is giving me 'A network error has prevented communication with your account. Please check your network settings and try again.' I have reset my Shaw ID password. I have rebooted my Gateway system. I have re-installed the app. I'm using... Read more

Amazon Prime Issues

After selecting a series episode on Amazon Prime, and skipping the teaser, I got a frozen screen from the teaser, with subtitles popping up on it. I have selected subtitles "off". Cured by going back to streaming services screen, re-selecting Amazon ... Read more

Dolby Atmos not Working

Just upgraded to the new Bluecurve system and I can no longer play Dolby Atmos tracks in Netflix either from the TV app or my Xbox One X. I have the set the Audio to expert mode for the Bluecurve TV box. Still no Dolby Atmos option is available for m... Read more

Blue Curve TV-Buffering

I updated from Bluesky to Bluecurve last week. Having problems with "buffering" as all of my boxes are wireless. The picture/audio freezes for about 10/20 seconds . It's worse when watching Netflix/amazon prime. how do I resolve this issue. Talked to... Read more

Shaw Free Range/BlueTV

I am trying to watch Monday's episode of The Good Doctor on my computer. It is all scrambled. Any ideas - other contents seems to work. Read more

Streaming Bluecurve TV

I recently purchased a Samsung smart TV. I'm unable to stream bluecurve TV on it via my wifi connection. My Samsung TV says it doesn't support flash which Bluecurve requires. Is there any work arounds or apps that will allow me to fix this issue? Read more

Shout out to Shaw - Recent Updates

Thanks for the recent updates like Amazon Prime and now PVR recordings on the BlueCurve TV app.The BlueCurve platform is maturing nicely. The platform functions nicely as an aggregator. Nice to have the streaming services in one place with voice navi... Read more



If I have the basic Shaw package for minimal price, do I only get to stream the same channels or will all the channels be accessible to me on blue curve or Read more


VOD v Streaming Apps

I have made a number of posts regarding VOD offerings v On Demand and the lack of apps like CBC Gem and Prime. Prime notwithstanding, I am starting to see many of the VOD offerings, cable channels and alike, are indeed the same shows and episodes per... Read more


Why does not not support the FX App yet?

I'm very disappointed to constantly be seeing the "binge watch all your favorite FX shows now" and then find out it's another thing Shaw does not support, while Telus does. Recently I tried to watch an older episode via the City TV app which I was ha... Read more

Shaw Service Technicians

I can't find a place to put this, and it's not a question, but here it goes anyway!I have been a Shaw customer since they took over from Rogers in the lower mainland. Other than a few glitches with telephone support waits, I am pleased with the servi... Read more


Where is crave+movies+hbo on Shaw Gateway?

Subscribed a few hours ago and I have the live channels plus standard crave and HBO library available via the subscriptions tab under On Demand. But I can't find current HBO anywhere (eg GoT s7&8). I have confirmed I can access those online so my sub... Read more

CityTV - online and app not working

I'm trying to watch some shows using the CityTV app - Catch-22 and The Orville, to be specific. I log on using my Shaw ID, but when I try to play any episode, I get the error "The episode exceeds the viewing period acquired by your TV service provide... Read more

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