is anyone still having issues with the "other showtimes" option?


This option has been not working properly for several weeks.  When i want to look ahead for the show I want to set a box will appear and state that "no other showtimes are available and to check later'.  When I check myself to the next date the program will be there.  Sometimes the option will work but rarely.  I discovered yesterday by chance that when I click on the option and get the no other showtimes etc message and wait for it to disappear then click on the option again, low and behold the list will appear.   Where there is no program within the 2 week  boundary the "no other showtimes" is correct.  This clicking twice is certainly weird but at least it is working for now until some other glitch appears.

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-- have you read this similar thread on this discussion f...

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@Starwanderer -- have you read this similar thread on this discussion forum? Helpful?


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