New Expander Unit for Gateway PVR- Questions regarding WD Purple Drive

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I've been reading through the Shaw discussion threads relating to expanders, lots of experience on here.

I have a Arris DCX3510 that won't recognize/boot-up with my WD 1TB My Book expander (original Shaw purchase).


I think the DCX3510 unit is toast, called Shaw, getting a new Gateway unit this week, and want to upgrade my expander size to 4TB (Gateway is supposed to handle up to 6TB).

After reading through the articles on Shaw, it appears the WD purple internal drives (eSATA) are the ones to get.

I found them on Amazon;


However there are two types; Old generation" and "New generation". From what I read, New generation is supposed to have a wireless configuration for surveillance camera applications, which is not required for PVR applications, so is redundant for TV PVR purposes, however it is "newer", and could have upgraded hardware/software better than the "old" model. If you go to the WD website they don't make a distinction, just one model, which I assume is the "new" generation.

Hoping someone here can answer a few questions regarding the WD Purple drives.

My questions are;

1. Would using the "new" generation, or "old" generation model affect its use as a PVR expander? Will both work? Has anyone successfully used the "new" generation models?

(Also, another factor.. for some reason the "New" generation is cheaper than the "Old", about $30 less.)

2. For an enclosure, I was thinking of using my old WD 1TB expander unit casing, and installing the new WD Purple 4TB in it, c/w power supply. My 1TB WD drive is pretty old, not sure if putting the 4TB will be compatible, same size (3.5"), power supply should be the same 12V, 2A, but ... there are always unknown, unknowns, that may become a critical factor.

My question is; Any reason this this configuration wouldn't work, or should I just cough up the $52 and get the Vantec NexStar 6G NST-366SU3-BK ? 


Note: I looked at the drive in my original My Book;

WD 10EVVS-63M5B0


Date; Nov 15, 2009

Power Data:

5vDC        0.70 A

12vDC      0.55A

(not sure why 2 supplies are listed, the power adapter is 12v, 2A)

Thanks for your help!

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