program selected from the pvr guide but does not record or acquire the small red dot to say it is


this problem began about 3 weeks before writing this item. We go to the guide and try to select a program episode and press record. Nothing happens and there are no 'record' indications. Used verbal and info screen as well to try and get the episode to record. If we select record episodes it will record all episodes in a series ( fortunately only on the same channel). Deleting the episodes can also be problematic. Some will delete and go to the delete buffer where they can be selected for, and actually, delete. Some deleted episodes in the delete buffer do not delete when requested. The technician has installed a new broadband filter / booster, replaced the pvr box and replaced any connectors around the input cables. He checked the signal strength and its good. Sometimes the programs we were trying to record (and did not show up as recording) will suddenly show up ( red dot and all in the guide ). and show as set to record. I know something is stored in their cloud because the programs we had stored in the past showed up ready to view on the new box. Is there a software problem associated with the pvr / cloud interactions? Are there any software updates etc happening soon .. I ran through all the settings and see nothing that influences this problem.

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Hey picturetrouble, sorry for the late reply.    That isn...


Hey picturetrouble, sorry for the late reply. 


That isn't something I'm familiar hearing about, but if this is still occurring, I would recommend getting in touch with our tech support so we can run some tests and even try replicating the issue on our test boxes. If it is something we can replicate, it may need to be sent up to our video operations to be looked into further. 

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