Programming the Bluesky remote to select correct AV input

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I have replaced my Onkyo AV receiver with a Sony STR-DN1080.  I have reprogrammed the Bluesky remote to turn the new AV Receiver on an off and to control the audio volume.  But when I turn on the AV Receiver I need the remote to also select the correct HDMI input.  Right now it uses whatever input was selected when the AV Receiver was last turned off.  If it was not the Shaw box I have to use the Sony remote to change the input, which is annoying, since this is the only reason to use the Sony remote during everyday use. 

Can the Bluesky remote be programmed to select a specific input when it turns on the AV receiver?  It worked fine with the Onkyo AV receiver.  In that case, the Shaw technician programmed the remote when he set up Bluesky.  I wish I had taken notes!

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Re: Programming the Bluesky remote to select correct AV input


Hi howarda 

This kind of issue would fall outside our scope of support, as we would only be able to assist with programming the remote to control power and volume and that portion is already working. I'm not familiar with AV Receivers but after speaking with a few colleagues they said it sounds like the Onkyo receiver may have been selecting the input automatically. I'd recommend checking in with Sony to see if they can offer any advice. We have some additional info on Third-Party Support FAQs and Third-Party Support Resources. Hopefully we have other Community members who can chime in on this as well. 

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