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Anytime I playback a recording it starts 30 seconds in. I then have to rewind to the beginning. This has been happening for a long time and shaw does not seem to want to fix this problem. In addition to that I have had over a dozen problems and the problems keep adding up. For example, the pvr records multiple episodes of a show, despite it being set to new episodes only on a specific day .  The pvr cannot distinguish between new and repeat episodes. Does anyone else have these problems?

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Re: pvr playback problem


Hi mikejbc 

I've just checked our test station to see if the recordings start on time, and it looks like they do, but I think I've noticed the 30-second skip on certain shows at home. Do you know if this happens on all of your recordings or just specific ones? I suspect it might be built in to compensate for shows that occasionally don't start exactly on time - if I remember correctly, the times I've noticed it has been when there are commercials running over from the previous program. 

For the second issue you mentioned, this can happen when the guide information is incorrectly showing it as new. Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time but you can report the errors directly using this form.

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