PVR recordings with BlueCurve is a hit and miss affair.


#1 I set a recording by pushing the red recording button on the remote.

It asks to confirm and I click yes!

#2 I set a recording on another TSN channel and it again asks to confirm.

It shows the full program time it is going to record.

#3 I set a third TSN channel for tennis matches. That one is set to record "all programs" on that channel so I do not have to set it again.

The next day I have one program that is only 60 minutes, one that is fully recorded and the third does not exist.

This happens a lot.

I might add that TSN 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 often have the same program name but with feeds from different events. Like men's tennis on TSN1 and women's tennis on TSN4 at the same time. The purpose to record them is so one can be watched at a different time. 




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About to cancel Shaw. I manually set the TSN coverage of...


About to cancel Shaw. I manually set the TSN coverage of The Open to record. About 6 hours. Today, I go to the recordings and all I see is a Golf Channel recording of the Open that is only 2 1/2 hours long. This is not the first time. Infuriating and won't be hanging around with this nonsense much longer. We only keep the cable to watch sports and it's useless. 30+ years Shaw customer.

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