Recording won’t play and disappeared from the cloud PVR


So on Sunday night (October 20th, 2019) at 7PM MST our Blue Curve TV taped a series recording (Season 17, Episode 6 of Keeping Up with The Khardasians or whatever they are called.....). My wife tried to watch it the following Monday and Tuesday evening on her Blue Curve TV app (streaming in our house 10 feet from the Blue Curve modem). The show was unwatchable, stuttering and freezing with grainy low-resolution, I know it’s not our internet as my wife and I watched Netflix and YouTube all evening the same 2 nights with no issues on both our devices and the cable box.

Come Wednesday morning, the show refused to play on our Blue Curve TV box (XG1v4) giving this error message:


My wife also tried watching it on her iPhone again through the Blue Curve TV app and got this message:


Overnight the recording completely vanished from our Cloud PVR. It’s not showing in the deleted folder and doesn’t appear within the Blue Curve TV app. I waited 2 hours Thursday (Oct 24) for a callback from Shaw support. Rebecca had been helping me making note of the problem and tried to transfer me to a tech that specialized in Blue Curve TV issues. The line was disconnected after waiting on hold for a few minutes. No one called me back. I didn’t have 2 hours of my life to waste to wait to talk to someone again. Seems like I have to call you every second day with a Blue Curve TV issue and I’m only 2 months into the contract.

I’m getting really sick of our cloud PVR recordings disappearing. Every time I call Shaw support it’s a multi-hour wait. Nothing is being done to resolve these issues. What am I paying Shaw for if I can’t tape and watch shows? We lost a whole series recording with 18 episodes two weeks back switching cable boxes. Looks like Telus will be getting my business when this contract is up.

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Apologies for the inconvenience, there were some broadcas...


@mi6_ Apologies for the inconvenience, there were some broadcast issues on Sunday, Oct 20 that would have been the reason that recording had playback issues. 

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The same thing happens to me. This is absolutely driving...


The same thing happens to me. This is absolutely driving me nuts. I thought TBay Tel was garbage but Shaw is giving them a run for there money

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