Satellite Signal Disruption

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My channels start at 2, so I assume my, LNB is a 3 sat model and my non- DVR receiver is programed for that 3rd sat. I have 2 service cables running from the LNB to 2 separate HDTV's in my home. The shortest cable going upstairs, never has the problem of service interruption. The other cable, probably 7 m' longer, serves the down stairs. The long cable has a ground cable attached to it, which is connected to the coupler for continuing the signal to the d- stairs TV.

For the past few months, that lower cable is driving me nuts, with it's service interruptions. Shaw tech did his best, no satisfaction. Both cables, from the LNB come into the basement for furtherance to upstairs and down via a simple coupler and new cable attached to the coupler to each respective TV. Simple. Strangely I've found that when I disrupt the upstairs service, by disconnecting it or partially disconnecting it, I get service back on the d-stairs TV. Most times, I just walk in to the cable room and loosen the upper cable and then down comes on and I tighten upstairs cable, everything fine, all channels back on d-stairs, usually for 1/2 hour or so. Service stop, down stairs, rush to connecter, loosen, upstairs, downstairs comes back, tighten upper. I do this, normally 3 or 4 or 5 times per evening.  So, as smart as I am, I thought, it has to b that long cable. Got all the pro tools to shorten that fellow. Nice shorter cable, pro compression connecter installed. Worked perfect for about 2 hours. Now I'm back to jack in the box. Running back and forth constantly to maintain service. Why is upstairs perfect and down terrible.

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