Service bad: Pixelated picture, freezing, channel unavailable


I am located in new Westminster, BC.  I know this isn't "Shaw Support", per se, but am hoping there might be some useful suggestions for the issue we have been having.

We have been having intermittent issue with our service for about a month now.  Usually at night, our TV service will pixelate, freeze, and at time the channel will just become "unavailable".   The fact that it seems to happen mostly at night (my wife has been home on her days off and said it is fine then) reminds of the early days of cable Internet when it would be fine during the day, then as people came home from work and surfed the Internet, your bandwidth dropped down significantly.

(I know cable TV doesn't work like that, but that is what it reminds me of)

I have reset my Shaw box (unplugged power and coax for 30 seconds, then connected back up), and even bought a brand new splitter (which I need in order for the Internet modem to be connected).  I have even swapped out the HDMI cable.

The reset seemed to work initially (I did on on Saturday morning, and it was fine all day and all night), but on Sunday night the problem was back, as bad as ever (all channels were unwatchable)

I talked to Shaw support via chat on Monday, and they scheduled a technician appointment for between 8am and 10am.  It is 10:30am now and no sign of them (not even a call to advise if they are running late).  I highly doubt they are going to show up, and I don't have the patience to talk to their support at the moment,, as I have to leave shortly to get to work.  On the support chat, the tech apparently check the signals coming out of the cable box and said they were good.

I am not sure what else to try or do.  It mostly affects my wife, as most of my stuff I watch is streamed, but there are certain shows she likes to watch pretty much day of (after recording them earlier), so she is not happy, which makes my life not so happy.

Switching TV providers to Telus is not an option.

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions and/or insig

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It is either a signal issue or a problem with the cable b...

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It is either a signal issue or a problem with the cable box. Which cable box do you have? The phone support people can’t check all the signal levels, just DOCSIS. Let us know how that service call goes. 

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