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 When we bought this house 4 years ago i had the cable hooked up for tv and internet. We were told by the install tech that we had a "temporary" line that he would report so that it could be replaced. I'm pretty sure that didnt happen because frequent service issues caused me to cancel and go with telus. That was in fact worse so after many attempts to correct the problems I decided to give Shaw another try. I asked if the line had been replaced and was told there was no info on that and that "the line is fine"

this will be the fourth time in that last 3 months that i have had a service interruption of more than a day. I really don't feel that anything will be done this time either. 

it seems that these two tech giants don't feel it necessary to provide good service as they are the only two players on the field here 

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Contact Shaw and book a service call. Is the drop aerial...

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Contact Shaw and book a service call. Is the drop aerial or underground?

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