Shaw Remote Battery Percentage Stuck


I currently have an "Ignite TV Voice Remote (2020 model)". I can tell that the battery level is low by the way the remote functions (slow reaction time). So I put a brand new pair of Alkaline Energizer batteries in the remote that I tested with a multimeter and it still shows the same percentage from the old batteries (68%). The battery level should be close to 100% with the new batteries. But no matter what I do, the battery level stays the same at 68%. It's stuck. How do I fix this?

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wrote: How do I fix this? Contact Shaw, and say that your...

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@appleMacTech wrote: How do I fix this?

Contact Shaw, and say that your remote-control is broken. They will ship a replacement to you, at no cost.

There might be a fee if you walk in to a Shaw/Rogers store-front, to ask for a replacement (from their back room).

Are you testing both voltage (1.5 V) and amperage (over 4 A for a brand-new battery) ?


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