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Frustrations with Shaw TV for Seniors

Hello everyone,I wanted to share our recent experience with Shaw TV, hoping to get some advice and perhaps bring some attention to a significant issue we've encountered. My mother recently switched over from Telus to Shaw, and we were hoping this wou... Read more

No audio with ignite entertainment box

Hi there, I recently purchased a brand new Samsung TV and a new Ignite Entertainment XiOne from Shaw. There is picture on the TV but no audio. I’ve tried all the system diagnostics and had a Shaw rep come to the house to fix it which he couldn’t. Is ... Read more

Ignite records every episode

What is up with Ignite record? It only gives two main options: "Just this episode" or "All Episodes". If you select "Just this episode" it records every time that episode is on. So if the episode is shown on different stations and/or at multiple time... Read more

Very unhappy with the switch to Ignite TV

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Rogers saying my Shaw Gateway/Portal won't work anymore with their new system, so I had to switch to Ignite TV. That was already unwelcome news, but since there was no alternative, I told them to send me the replace... Read more