The BlueSky PVR function does not work properly


A few issues:

The system indicates we have lots of space for recording, but:

1. If you record a series such as a week of tennis (we tend to record lots of sports, baseball, football, golf, tennis) the monitor will say its recording but the system will fail to record. Tech support told us that the system was designed to take into account all future recordings when determining if there is space available when you record a series (which makes no sense and would be a serious design flaw.). Also told to unplug and reboot, but that gets pretty boring after many repeated reboots.

Not looking forward to Flames and Saturday Night Live.

2.The same thing will happen if you record a single program, the monitor says it will record but its not there when you go to watch. (Could it be that there is a limit to the number of programs you can record at one time? Gateway would tell you if you exceeded the limit, haven't seen this notification in BlueSKY)

3. You can be watching a recording and it will kick out to live TV. If you re-access the recording it won't let you go past where it kicked you out, until you reboot (again !). After you reboot you can fast forward from the beginning of the program to where you were bumped. At this point you will be asked if you want to keep watching. If you say yes you can proceed but the question will come up again, and again, etc. 

4. Tech support also said when you record programs and then delete them it can confuse the system and you will need to reboot. Doesn't make sense. This is the way you manage available space.

Is Shaw actively working to fix these basic reliability and other issues with PVR recording on BlueSky. Getting tired of rebooting.

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