-- since you have the newest Shaw boxes, when you "save"...

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@JoyCM -- since you have the newest Shaw boxes, when you "save" a program, you are saving onto one of Shaw's computers somewhere within the Shaw network.  Their older equipment had a disk-drive (just like a disk-drive inside your personal computer) onto which the recording was "locally" done. When you want to play your saved program, your TV box is downloading it over the Shaw network.  It downloads on a channel that is different from the channel that is used for your Internet usage.  So, even if you have "Shaw Internet 10" -- a very slow speed by today's standards -- such "slow" Internet is completely independent of the TV channel.  This independence allows you to watch TV (live or recorded) at the same time that you are streaming something, e.g., a YouTube video, onto your computer, without one stream affecting the other stream.

So, if that Shaw computer onto which your program is saved gets busy at "peak hours", it could be the bottle-neck that causes an intermittent issue on your TV screen. 

If you "pause" the playback, and use the remote to go "back" some seconds, namely before the interruption, and then you "play" again, does the blackout repeat, or not?


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