Universal remote for Shaw XiOne player?


Upgraded this for my parents who were on an ancient PVR. Gotta say, fantastic system and the wireless cable feed was something I never heard of, brilliant! Everything works great except the remote's ability to control the actual TV. It has rudimentary controls like on and off and input switching, but it can't actually control the TV functionally (TCL 65"). So for my parents, they have to dig out the TCL remote to watch Netflix or Prime or any other feature of the smart TV.

My question is, can I program a different (better) remote than the ultra-simplistic one (BlueCurve TV Remote XR15) that came with their Shaw player to work with the Shaw player? That way I know it could control the TV as well.

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Use the BlueCurve for Netflix and Prime. Yes, some Harmon...

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@Favelle75  Use the BlueCurve for Netflix and Prime. Yes, some Harmony remotes work, but you lose RF, so you need to have line of sight with the box, and they donโ€™t have voice control.

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