Why are Global shows cut off so soon on Shaw on Demand?

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I was watching Global's Blood & Treasure. But I missed Episode 3 and as it is a serial I wanted to see it before I go to Episodes 4 & 5 on my pvr. Alas, SOD has only 4 & 5. Same too with the Global website. Two episodes back is hardly even having SOD? Why so short a time, especially for a Shaw station on a Shaw cable system? Guess all those advertisers lost me, as I'll skip the program now.

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It is not just Global. Several new shows, or new seasons,...


It is not just Global. Several new shows, or new seasons, can be found with: the first episode of season 5 missing and only episode 2 available, or a brand new series missing the first 4 episodes. The only complete show I've ever seen available all at once is Game Of Thrones. It is impossible to power watch anything on this menu, (ie. watch a season a day, for a whole series). I couldn't believe they did that again, its not the first time I've found my series new season starting on episode 2 or 3.

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