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VOD movies only in french

Just ordered Snake Eyes and it only plays in French. We do not know French. Son told me he had the same issue on another movie. Why can't we change it to English, or get an English version?Waist of our money!!! Read more

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VOD online ordering not available

I go to and log in successfully. However, if I try to order anything it says I am not subscribed. I called the help line today and am told my vod online was shut off on Sept 21 because it is "no longer available in my area", and that it i... Read more


Shaw on demand error

When we attempt to go to Shaw on Demand, we get error code 64417! This has been happening for days...we have just recently had Read more

Why are some PPVs $25???

I saw that 'Nope' was available for rent, but then saw it was $25. That's insane. Regular prices in Vancouver are $16.99, and that covers the theater's expenses, as well as the staff's wages. Viewing at home doesn't include doorman, janitors, or the ... Read more

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