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When watching Shaw on my laptop can I put it on a television set when travelling Read more

Resetting purchase pin

I have recently (a few months back) upgraded my tv box and modem to the newest available I believe. Anyways I do believe I set up a 4 digit purchase pin way back years ago on the older Shaw box to keep my 35 year old son from ordering movies without ... Read more

On Demand missing episodes of Our Boys

HBO's Our Boys is missing episodes 6 and 7. I messaged Crave on Facebook and they said to check the Crave app and the episodes are there. They suggested unplugging my pvrs (HD 3510 and 3400) to see if it loaded but it didn't. Their final suggestion w... Read more


Episodes & Seasons Missing on SOD

I'm wondering why there are so many SOD shows with gaps between episodes and even whole seasons? Starting a series at S3E14 is no fun. It would be nice to start at the beginning and watch to the end. Read more

Why are Global shows cut off so soon on Shaw on Demand?

I was watching Global's Blood & Treasure. But I missed Episode 3 and as it is a serial I wanted to see it before I go to Episodes 4 & 5 on my pvr. Alas, SOD has only 4 & 5. Same too with the Global website. Two episodes back is hardly even having SOD... Read more

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Shaw PPP Sucks

i am very disappointed with Shaws PPV of UFC 235.i would think for $55 u should be able to get the pre-lims or undercard;but,that wasnt the case.I had signed up for the fights around 7:45p.m. and was watching a few interviews,and when 8:00p.m. rolled... Read more


Where is crave+movies+hbo on Shaw Gateway?

Subscribed a few hours ago and I have the live channels plus standard crave and HBO library available via the subscriptions tab under On Demand. But I can't find current HBO anywhere (eg GoT s7&8). I have confirmed I can access those online so my sub... Read more


Why Show is not On Demand ??

Like to know why shaw only shows tv show only on certain channels when the show is played on multiple channels.I my case I what to watch the tv series The Hot Zone which played on Show Case and National Geographic channels.So when I went to ON Demand... Read more

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